LE40 Premium Doll


Inro is the first ever limited edition Inamorata doll and features the Asian Miao sculpt. This urban haute couture samurai has a subtle make up in earthen tones inspired by the geisha facial paint and the look is amplified by a fluttering set of super long runway eyelashes. She has light terracotta brows and her parted lips with gradient terra lipstick reveal a hint of teeth. She has a full body blushing and nail polish in deep maroon.

Inro's fashions is a modern high fashion version of a samurai armour and she carries a 1:1 scale inro box as her purse. The outfits consists of a corset teddy that can also be worn as lingerie, a pencil skirt armoured with bamboo slips
hand-painted  with black and gold lacquer, and an intricately detailed leather jacket. The inro box purse is printed with golden lacquer paintings on each side: one with a cicada and the other with a dragonfly. Our beauty teeters on a pair of precariously high heeled boots carved and hand-painted with an Asian lacquer painting landscape in gold and black. Inro's elaborate geisha style hard cap wig is hand-made by PattaArt in pale gold in the highest quality KatSilk fiber.


 See more photos at flickr.


Inro is dedicated to the memory of Virginia "Ginny" Williamson. Ginny was a dear friend, a confidante and the warmest, the most understanding person I ever knew. It was her constant support and friendship that made this doll possible. I wish she had been here to see this dream come true. I will always miss her.


How to Dress the Inro

Corset: Open the laces wide and put in the dolls legs, then slide the corset up her hips. It will be tight in the hips and bum, but will go on if the laces are loose enough. The loops make it easy to relace the corset if you need to open it completely. Tighted the laces for perfect fit.

Skirt: Next put on the skirt using the same method: open the laces, slide on and tighten the laces. Be careful not to pull on the bamboo slits when pulling the skirt up as they are held in place by few hand stitches. The skirt should sit low on the hips so that from behind it continues the lacing of the corset forming a dress.

Jacket: The sleeves are very narrow so it is best to use the dressing hands for this. Pull the arms through the sleeves and wiggle them back and forth to get the sleeve to sit right, close the hook over the chest and style the collar the way you like it. It can be worn tight to the neck in geisha kimono style, round to show the collar bones or puller wide to the shoulders. 

Boots: Open the zippers and easy the doll's foot in carefully. The toes should be visible from the opening and rest on the insole. Close the zipper carefully helping stretch the leatherette with your fingers. Mold the boot into the leg so that the ankle sits in the most narrow spot of the boot shaft and that the heel of the foot and toes are all tightly againt the insole (not suppose to levitate). Note that dispite Emilia's efforts to make sure none of the materials stain the teeth of the zipper (only thing not tested) do stain if left on the doll in humid and hot weather for long. The staining can be washed off with some rubbing alcohol (do not use acetone etc.) and we have found a way to fix this issue for future boot designs. The boots also fit Sybarites, Numina and Devas.

Wig: The geisha wig has very low "sideburns" so it can be a struggle to get one, but it Emilia personally tired on every wig on a doll to make sure they do fit right. So, place the sideburned over the ears and starting from the front slowly push the wig on it's place. The sideburn parts will cover the upper part of the ears completely from the front view when worn right, and the hairline in the back almost reached the neck joint. See photos below for correct placement, but note that each wig is hand made and slightly different.