Can I pay for my dolls in instalments?

We are sorry that we cannot offer layaway for any limited edition products as managing that many payment plans would require resources we don't have. However, Emilia does sometimes offer layaway for the more expensive OOAK commission works.


When will the next doll come out?

Not sure about the Seraph launch date yet, it depends on the separate Röntgen fashion we are releasing together with her and the factory is still re-re-remaking it. Hopefully they can finish it soon so we can still release this year. The holidays sort of mess things up as I'll be taking a 3 week vacation too.  The newsletters will keep you posted.


Will there be loose fashions or accessories for Inamorata?

Yes. The first loose LE30 fashion Vertebrata was just released and another fashion aclled Röntgen will follow later on. There are also 4 accessory packs in different colour in production.


When will the dolls ship? What shipping method do you use?

All the items sold through the website shop are always in stock and ready to ship within a week from payment and they ship via DHL or EMS (depending on your location: US, EU and Asia ship with DHL; Russia and Far East usually with EMS) with tracking and full insurance. DHL should take around 3-4 days to arrive and EMS should be 7-10 days.

Where will the dolls ship from?

The dolls will ship directly from our factory China (but our designer Emilia Nieminen will still personally inspect every doll). It is cheaper for you and most importantly it saves the environment as we don't have to first ship the dolls to Finland and then ship them all around the world again. Our company tries to save the environment with small and efficient packaging as well as avoiding useless transit.

Can you declare lower value for the shipping forms or mark the package as "gift"?

I'm sorry, but as a business we cannot declare a lower value for you as the insurance value is dependent on it and if something were to happen there would be no protection for either of us. When shipping we need to provide DHL/EMS with an official sales invoice declaring the true value of the item and they can see it is a sold product and not a "gift". WE are sorry about this and living in Finland we know what it's like to have really high taxes, but it's one of those facts of life we sometimes cannot avoid.


Do you sell nude blank dolls?

This question has been asked so many times we are definitely considering this option for the future, but right now our production capasity is so tiny we have to save all the dolls we cast for the limited edition and OOAK making. I know there are repaint artists out there just inching to get their hands on a new sculpt (trust me, I know what it's like) and we try to increase our production capasity to give you blank dolls in a year or two. Be patient and I won't be offended if you want to repaint one of my LE dolls. Every time I bought a doll I wanted to make it mine, so I know exactly how you feel. And for those customers who just want a OOAK Inamorata: please read the commissions info and email me to book an appointment for your nude or dressed OOAK doll.

- Emilia

Why I haven't received my newsletters?

The first thing to do it to check your spam folder and filters. If you still can't find yours and you know it's out email Emilia (emiliacouture(at) to let her know of the problem and she will forward you the newsletters personally. We take good customer service seriously and want to fix all the issues asap. But don't worry, if you have missed a newsletter you can find all the info at our news archive, Emilia's blog and you can now also follow us on Facebook. All the pics are also uploaded to flickr so you don't miss anything.

Where will the dolls be sold?

The limited edition Inamorata dolls will be available through and all the people in the first-to-know list will be notified of the sales date before the items go online. In addition some OOAK Inamorata dolls are auctioned through the mailing list and made as event exclusives and charity donations, such as the Mirrorball at IDEX charity raffle 2013 and Grés at Metro Doll auction on 2013.

Can I preorder an Inamorata doll?

Not at this point. All the limited edition Inamorata  items are sold on first-come-first-served basis. In the future we do hope to make some limited edition items according to the amount of preorders to answer the buyer demand, but that is only after we can know that we can trust the factory production time tables (which at this point is impossible).

Can I order a OOAK Inamorata doll with unusual skin tone?

Yes. I do accept commissions for OOAK Inamorata dolls, both nude and dressed, and unusual skin tones are available, but there will be an added fee for the individually hand cast dolls. Nude Inamorata dolls start at 800usd including face up, body blushing and optional flock hair by Emilia. Wigs, fashions and accessories are extra. If you want to book a commission read the info here.

Can Inamorata share clothes with other 15-17" fashion dolls?

The Inamorata are 15,5" tall and have the exact same lenght legs as Sybarites and Numina dolls. They have a little bit higher foot arch than Sybs, but can wear most old Syb, V3 and Numina shoes without trouble. The Inamorata dolls have slightly smaller and shorter torso than Sybs (closer to Devas) with their curves distributed slighty differently from other dolls. So the Syb fashions are a bit loose, but do fit. Below there is a photo of an Inamorata wearing Sybarite Slipper fashion and shoes for reference. I have also tested Integrity Toys AvantGuard fashions on Inamorata and they fit well, and so do Numina fashions, so the newcomers should be able to share with their room mates. I have also heard positive reports of Inamorata dolls wearing Gene and Tonner fashions. See the Inamorata measurements.

Inamorata wears Sybarite Slipper fashion

There aren't many reports of other dolls wearing Inamorata fashion yet and I only have Numina and older Sybs for testing, but here is what I know. Numina Devon (small bust) can wear the Vertebrata gown beautifully, but it's too small for Sybarites. I will do my best to add lace closures and other adjustable parts to all fashions. For example the Seraph corset is highly adjustable and can be worn by any 15-17" doll. Also, both Numina and older Sybs can comfortably wear Inamorata shoes, but Tonner foot arch is too low for the hard soled shoes. However the Vertebrata and upcoming Röntgen and accessory pack shoes have soft soles so they can be adjusted for Tonners and other dolls easily. Emiliacouture is all about mix and match! 

Numina Devon wears Inamorata Vertebrata gown