Inamorata Fashion in 2 Colour Variations

"Dust" LE20 & "Nude" LE10


The Vertebrata gown comes in 2 different colour variations: Dust (LE20) and Nude (LE10). Dust is a 2-tone cross weave silk of powder pink and black making the fabric an elegant dusty grey with a mauve hue. The Dust silk is coarse dupioni with a raw feel to it and the trail of the gown is a matching colour soft netting. The Nude is a luxurious silk satin in toned down shade of pale powder beige. The trail of the gown is a matching colour soft netting with golden hue. The colour variation share accessories in beige leatherette: three strap pumps with golden edgy spine heels and a clutch with metal corners. The focal points of the Vertebrata gowns are the metal ornaments on the shoulders and a pale gold spine snaking down the naked back.

If you have hard time deciding which colour to go for here are some tips: both "Dust" and "Nude" do perfectly with Nnaji's usual Chocolate skin tone. If you want the gown for Inro I recommend "Dust" as "Nude" doesn't compliment the Peach skin tone as well. The fashions are modelled by Inamorata Cherub and Seraph. Dolls sold separately.

More photos at flirck set

The Vertebrata also fits small busted Numina dolls such as Devon and Ajuma.


Inamorata Fashion in 2 Colour Variations

"Dust" LE20

(mauve silk dupioni gown with beige/gold accessories)





Inamorata Fashion in 2 Colour Variations

"Nude" LE10

(light beige silk satin gown with beige/gold accessories)





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How to Dress the Vertebrata Fashion

Gown: Open the 5 hooks in the back and slide the dolls legs into the skirt. Then put her hands through the narrow sleeves (best to use dressing hands for this) and pull the sleeves and bust up close. Wiggle the arms back and forth to get the sleeves to sit right. Close the hooks (I often use toothpicks and tweezers to help with this) and push the chain spine lightly to cover the hook opening. The spine if hardened with glue to make it follow the curve of doll's back instead of hanging loose. If the glue bothers you it comes off with acetone. Finally put from the hem until the torso fabric is smooth and fits correctly. The back opening is suppose to just barely cover the hip joints.  The gown  fits small bust Numina like Devon and Ajuma, and also Deva dolls.

Shoes: The top most leathette strap should come to you loose enough to fit the doll's foot through, but it is fully adjustable for with the functioning buckle. Slide the dolls foot through the 3 straps and into the shoe. The shoes have soft insoles, so they can be easily addapted to different height foot archers. Inamorata dolls have very high arches and in this form the shoes fit Sybarites, Deva and Numina well too. You can also adjust the shoe to fit Tonner dolls with same size foot but lower arch. After the shoe is on the foot tighten the top strap snuggly around her ankle and you are good to go.