In addition to limited edition Inamorata dolls emilicouture entails OOAK projects most of which are commissions works. If you would like to commission a OOAK doll, fashion, doll make over, accessories or furniture email our designer Emilia directly via email: emiliacouture(at)gmail(dot)com

Note that the waiting list for these projects is usually around 6-10 months and you need to pay a non-refundable 30% deposit in order to get to the commission waiting list.  The rest of the commission fee is paid when the commission is done and you have seen the photos. Payments are done to Emilia's Paypal.

Note that emiliacouture only creates original designs so please don't ask her to make copies of any other designer's works or to redublicate other OOAKs. They are called One-Of-A-Kinds for a reason.


When requesting a commission please include the following information in the email:

  • State your name and contact information (including email, address and phone number)
  • Explain the concept you are after in few words
  • If commissioning a doll or a repaint:
  1. What head sculpt you want - SEE HEAD SCULPTS
  2. What skintone you want - SEE LIST OF SKINTONES
  3. Do you want applied lashes? Upper or lower or both? What lenght and colour?
  4. Make up style and colour. What sort of mood or expression you want?
  5. What nail polish would you prefer? French manicure, lip colour or other?
  6. Do you want body blushing, tattoos, body hair etc?
  • If commissioning a fashion:
  1. Name 3 of your favourite fashion designers so Emilia will know what you like.
  2. Tell your colour preferences (both requests and what you don't want).
  • Optional: attach 1-5 inspiration photos (attachments can be up to 20Mb, but it's preferable to use smaller pics)


Commission Fees

The commission fees vary based on material costs and the amount of labour put into the creation.  You can find some example price listings for commissions below:

  • Nude OOAK Inamorata dolls in defaul skintones start from 800usd (make up included)
  • Individually cast OOAK doll with custom skintones start at 1000usd (make up included)  SEE LIST OF SKINTONES
  • OOAK fashions are generally start at 600usd
  • OOAK wigs start at 200usd
  • Shoes start at 100usd when using an existing heel sculpt - SEE HEEL SCULPTS
  • Make up / facial repaint is 250usd if commissioned separately (Includes UV seal)
  • Body blushing is 50usd with a facial repaint, 100usd if commissioned separately (Includes UV seal)
  • Small tattoo is 50usd with body blushing (Includes UV seal)
  • Large tattoos and full body ones need to be priced case by case.

Here are few examples of past commissions. You can find gallery of all past emiliacouture creations both Inamorata and pre-Inamorata at the flickr gallery. You can find a completele list on Inamorata creations in our Product Archive.