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IMG-20170302-WA0007Emilia Nieminen is a Finnish doll designer behind Inamorata dolls and emiliacouture.  She started collecting and repainting dolls on 2006 and the hobby soon gained a life of its own. On 2009 she won an international CDDC aka Couture Doll Design Challenge contest designing doll fashions and got her first features in American doll magazines.

On 2010 she began developing her own doll, hand sculpting it from wax for two years, and on 2012 the first Inamorata doll was unveiled at IDEX doll convention. The same doll, Mirrorball, featuring Miao sculpt, got awarded DOLLS magazine Award of Excellence on 2013.



Inamorata are 16″ art dolls for adult collectors. In creating these dolls, Emilia wanted to convey her personal aesthetic and develop highly poseable smooth joints than can be covered with skimpiest lingerie. Emilia takes pride in the uniqueness, original design and painstaking craftsmanship that goes into making these dolls.

Each doll sculpt is hand sculpted from wax by Emilia before getting cast in resin by a small studio. There is no 3D design used in making Inamorata dolls because Emilia loves the hands on tactile sensation of the work and wants to keep the tradition of hand sculpting alive. Each doll is also hand painted by her and no two are alike. Same meticulous care and inspiration goes into creation of each garment that is designed and hand made by her.

Emilia often refers to her favourite fashions designs as “sculpted” rather than sewn, as her technique of fabric manipulation and signature look is about creating three dimensional textures and forms that accentuate the silhouette. She makes fashions using traditional “Haute Couture” techniques, hand stitching, rouching and wet sculpting fabrics on the doll for that deliciously tight tailored fit that licks each curve like second skin.



Emilia loves themes that take her to the roots of mythology and ethnographic research. She is is fascinated by the darker aspect of stories, all things creepy and crawly: insects and snakes; horrors of everyday society that we ignore and should be reminded of. She draws inspiration from travelling. Any culture or tradition new to her holds the excitement of learning and discovery. She believes dolls should be more than pretty. They become art when one is able to convey something more: a deeper meaning, a story, social commentary, something to illicit an emotional response from the viewer.

“Each doll should have a soul. When you gaze into her eyes, she looks back at you.”

– Emilia






4 thoughts on “Home

  1. hello! – consider me now as a devotee – I saw your work on the Doll Observers site – especially love your Masai doll (above) as I am always impressed & grateful when artists render black dolls that are ethnically authentic in their extraordinary beauty – thank you for the opportunity to experience your splendid creations! (Viktor Zavadsky)


    1. Dollshe David Kuncchi is not one of my dolls. I did paint this one but the sculpt is from a Korean BJD company Dollshe and you can order him through their website. He is a perfect proportion male doll for Inamorata ladies and Dollshe has other head sculpts to select from as well.


  2. I love your work Emilia- the faces you paint are so intense, and your costuming skills are killer. I wish you’d do a show in Seattle some time!


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