Inamorata are 16″ art dolls for adult collectors. The term “Haute Couture” was selected as it represents the uniqueness and painstaking craftsmanship that goes into making these dolls. Each doll, based on a hand sculpted wax model by the artist, Emilia, is hand painted by her. Same meticulous care and inspiration goes into creation of each garment that is designed and mostly hand stitched on the doll for that deliciously tight tailored fit that licks each curve like second skin. Emilia often refers to her favourite fashions designs as “sculpted” instead of sewn, as her technique and manipulation of the materials is often about creating three dimensional textures.

Sobek Inamorata OOAK Nnaji Milk Busty doll emiliacouture
Sobek – Inamorata OOAK Nnaji. Weeks of labour went into this armouresque sequin gown.

Emilia’s themes take her to the roots of mythology and ethnographic research. She is is fascinated by the darker side of things, the Brothers Grimm rather than the Disney version. All things creepy and crawly, especially insects and snakes (the latter she is actually phobic about, hence the intrigue). Any culture or tradition new to her that holds the excitement of learning and discovery. In Emilia’s opinion dolls should be more than just pretty. They become art when one is able to convey something more: a deeper meaning, a story to tell, a social commentary, to illicit an emotional response from the viewer.

Masai Inamorata OOAK emiliacouture bjd doll Nnaji
Masai – Inamorata OOAK Nnaji was based on much research into the Masai culture and traditions.

Emilia began her journey as a doll collector on 2006. Since childhood she had been making her toys “her own” by modifying them, and it didn’t take long until she was repainting the Fashion Royalty dolls she collected and making new fashions for them to wear. On 2009 she won the CDDC (Couture Doll Design Challenge) and came to realize that with the increasing commission orders the hobby was turning into a job. On 2011 she started her own company and December 2012 saw the unveiling of the Inamorata doll line on Haute Doll magazine. The first Inamorata doll “Mirrorball” was presented with the Industry’s Award of Excellence on IDEX 2013. After a frustrating year of factory producing limited edition dolls Emilia grew tired of compromising her vision and went back to OOAKs. Now most of her work is based on commission orders.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. hello! – consider me now as a devotee – I saw your work on the Doll Observers site – especially love your Masai doll (above) as I am always impressed & grateful when artists render black dolls that are ethnically authentic in their extraordinary beauty – thank you for the opportunity to experience your splendid creations! (Viktor Zavadsky)


    1. Dollshe David Kuncchi is not one of my dolls. I did paint this one but the sculpt is from a Korean BJD company Dollshe and you can order him through their website. He is a perfect proportion male doll for Inamorata ladies and Dollshe has other head sculpts to select from as well.


  2. I love your work Emilia- the faces you paint are so intense, and your costuming skills are killer. I wish you’d do a show in Seattle some time!


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