Magnolia – OOAK Inamorata Charo

Magnolia Inamorata OOAK Charo Busty Latte art doll bjd haute couture emiliacouture em'lia

This was a dream commission project: a wigged OOAK doll and a whole mix and match wardrobe with shoes, boots, hat, veil, gown, lingerie, coat, loose collar and cuffs. It took me a month to complete, but it was fun.

Magnolia is a Latte skin tone Charo sculpt OOAK Inamorata doll with pale blue eyes with hints of hazel, smoky eyes, strong brows and nude lips. The hard cap wig is by Ilaria.

For her job as a Master of Ceremonies , Magnolia wears a corset teddy of silk adorned with ribbons, a modern tailcoat lined in red and cut offs over shoulder blades and an oversized tulle bow. The look is completed by a lace thing high boots using the Art Nouveau Serpent heels and a tophat (I have a thing for hats and went a bit overboard by building it according to authentic antique top hat making principles). The veil on the top hat can be worn separately.

After work Magnolia leaves for an evening out in a daringly sheer lace gown, vines of black flowers creeping along her body hiding and revealing. The Gowns Victorian silhouette gets playful with a puff of feathery trail and is accessorized by elegant torn lace pumps. The tailcoat can be worn over the gown for a modern impression of a Victorian riding habit.

More photos at Flickr.


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