Inamorata in Comparison to Other 16″ Dolls

One of the most frequently asked questions is which doll fashions, wigs and shoes and Inamorata share with the other dolls in your collection.

Here is a comparison of body size and joint poseability between Inamorata 2.0 and a first generation Popovy doll.27750431785_d7feb6d523_b

The comparison photo below features Inamorata 1.0 body, third from the right, in comparison with other similar size dolls. The Inamorata 2.0 is a bit taller, close to Numina. The photo is used with permission of the photographer Liane Laughlin.

The Inamorata dolls can also wear fashions from other 16″ fashion dolls. They are a bit more petite than most, especially in the shoulders, even though the height of the Inamorata 2.0 is similar to Numina dolls.

Inamorata dolls can also share shoes with other 16″ fashion dolls but their feet have a higher arch than most dolls. Inamorata toes are also sculpted with big toes separate from others so that they can also wear sandals with between toes straps.

Inamorata can share wigs from other brands as well. Popovy wigs are a perfect fit, Ficon, Deva and ModsDoll are the right size as well. Numina, Sybarite and mBlueDoll wigs are too large. The wig size in head circumference is 4,5-5″for traditional soft cap wigs, but we recommend investing in high quality hard cap wigs by artists such as PattaArt and Ilaria (Time of Doll), who take commissions for OOAK wigs in Inamorata size. Emilia also makes mohair wigs for Inamorata.



One thought on “Inamorata in Comparison to Other 16″ Dolls

  1. Just a tip – wigs made for Inamorata’s will fit Modsdolls almost PERFECTLY (talking hard caps here, which is a crazy thing) – but they aren’t ‘backwards’ compatible. If you had them made for Modsdolls, probably won’t fit Inamorata, they are a bit too snug. They also can share clothing and shoes.

    Ficon’s can also wear Inamorata’s wigs, but this one is DEFINITELY not backwards compatible.


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