FOR SALE: Hard Cap Wigs

A while back I saw a SD size Dollshe David with a removable beard and decided to figure out how it would work in 44cm scale. I have a huge thing for beards and hence went a bit nuts making different colours and styles of hard cap wigs for him. I’m still learning how to make hard cap wigs but was just figuring it out before I snapped my clavicle and hard to take 2 months off work. Almost recovered now and just remembered that I never uploaded the photos. So here they are, available for sale and also for commission order after my arm has been rehabilitated.

I make wigs for Inamorata, Popovy, Dollshe 44cm (bearded ones only for David), Numina, Ficon and ModDolls. I can make others too in combination with OOAK doll commissions if you send the doll (or the head) to model for the wig.

The collection of my hard cap wigs can be found on Flickr.

Here are some price examples:

Stylized hair with a full beard 150usd27749331345_a7f14dc84d_z

Stylized hair with extra hard cap structures (for volume) 140usd27674714761_6cae6470b5_z

Simple hair style without a parting 90usd27136889534_ca96351570_z

Please read the commission info and contact me by email:


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