For Sale: The Hunted (Moscow Doll Salon 2016 collection)

I was excited to take part in the Moscow Doll Salon 2016 on 7th to 9th of October. The Salon featured spectacular artist works such as the unique Popovy dolls, romantic Filipova and extremely realistic dolls of Zaikovat. I was honoured to meet the Popovy Sisters in person, I absolutely adore their work, and to reconnect with old friends like Petr and Elena from Doll Chic. You can find more photos of the event at my Instagram.

I created an exclusive collection of OOAKs for Moscow Doll Salon. I planned on 5 dolls, but had only time to complete 4. I will complete the fifth, The Huntress, when time allows. I named the four doll The Hunted and they all share milk skin tone translucent resin with hyper realistic body blushing featuring veins, freckles, moles, wrinkles and all the wild beauty nature intended. Each of the Hunted has a alpaca wig with unique shape hand sculpted antlers, strands of hair hanging from them like peeling skin. Their haute couture garments are completely hand stitched from black lace and embellished with Japanese micro beads to the point where parts of the garments are stiff as armour. Their wild footwear contrasts with the delicate lace, made with dark brown faux fur and spiky heels growing from bare feet. The make up palette is dominated by dark eyes and strong brows, lips pale from fear as The Huntress approaches. Each has a pair of hands with fingers turning dark brown and two pairs of regular hands.

29529642593_44929d1aca_bFrom right to left: Buck (SOLD), Hind, Fawn and Hart.

Unfortunately I got very sick during the exhibition and was forced to pack up and miss most of the event. Hence, I’m offering the three remaining dolls up for sale online. Please email me for inquiries:

The Hunted Hart (resculpted Charo in Milk skin and Andro chest) – ON HOLD30384210316_abb8a9f03d_c

The Hunted Hind (resculpted Nnaji in Milk skin and Busty chest) – SOLD30384196416_166765166b_c

 The Hunted Foal (resculpted Nnaji in Milk skin with freckles and Andro chest) 2400usd29788722693_3471d8e110_c

More photos at flickr.


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