The new Inamorata sculpts are now unveiled and all five Inamorata 2.0 sculpts are available for preorder now. Order now, before May 25th, and get a 100usd preorder discount for blank dolls. I should get resin head samples of the new head sculpts for painting testing in end of May and the production will take place in June.

The usual price for blank dolls is 800usd, but the preorder dolls will be discounted for 700usd each. There is a 50% deposit to order and the rest is due with shipping costs when the dolls are at hand. The production slot is in June, but it’s safe to allow 3 months production period as the workshop that does my dolls is a very small family business. I love to support small entrepreneurs who take pride in the quality of their work.

So create your own perfect Inamorata doll with 8 hands and a stand from the 5 head sculpts, 2 bust sizes and 5 different skin tone options. Note that there is also a new feet sculpt with separated toes.


The head sculpts available for order are Nnaji 2.0 and Charo, as well as three new head sculpts: Nubia, Midori and Valerie. You can read more about the new head sculpts and the process here. The two chest plate options are Andro and Busty.  The skin tone options are Milk, Latte, Chocolate and Coffee. As requested I am also making a new skin tone Caramel, a warm tan, available. I will get resin samples for it later.


Please email me ( to preorder and include the information below:

  • Blank (limited time offer 700usd until May 25th) or fully painted OOAK doll (1100usd)
  • The dolls head sculpt, skin tone and bust size.
  • Your full name, address, phonenumber and PayPal ID

The deposit is 50% and the production will begin in June (I will keep you updated if changes occur).

Thank you for your patronage!





  1. Looking forward to seeing the caucasion sculpt finished. I’m sure one will have to come live with me!!
    For this particular sculpt I think that I would be interested in the milk or latte skin color.


    1. Thank you Carol! I took a break after moving to Japan so I could get settled in, but continuing sculpting today. ‘m almost happy with the results already. I’ll release more pictures today. 🙂


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