New Head Sculpts


This is what I’ve been working on lately: three new head types for Inamorata dolls. I have been making a new Asian head, Midori, inspired by my travels in Taiwan and Japan this year. Even though I absolutely love the rebooted Nnaji 2.0 I feel she lost some of her ethic look with the more narrow nose, so her new sister Nubia is here to bring back the feel of the original Nnaji had. Last but not the least, as I have been working on her for years, is Valerie, a whole new Caucasian sculpt to compliment the most popular of Inamorata sculpts; the Latina vibe Charo.

The new heads will be available with the new preorder patch either as blank dolls or commissioned OOAKs. Please read more about the order here.

Hand Sculpting

People often ask me why I don’t use 3D imaging in my work. I love sculpting by hand and feel more connected to the finished work this way. Also, I believe in keeping the old traditions alive. Too many beautiful crafts are dying in the world and while visiting museums in Taiwan I have become even more acute aware of this. This is why I make my dolls completely by hand.

Instead, I use hard wax to make the first drafts, make a silicone mold and home cast them in resin to continue refining the sculpt. These heads are in the resin stage of sanding the surface and endless tweaking of facial features. For this I use a 2-component epoxy putty to add mass to the resin. The brand I use; Magic Sculpt, gives about an hour to work with the soft, wax like, form of the putty, before it hardens and can be carved, sanded and painted. I paint the models grey to see imperfections of the skin more easily and finally use a surfacing agent like Mr.Surfacer 1000 to give the model a nice matted skin like texture.



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