FOR SALE: Harajuku Halloween Midori

Happy Halloween everyone!


Ever since my trip to Japan I’ve been wanting to make a doll inspired by the awesome Harajuku fashions and goth punk scene in Tokyo. One of my favourite places at Harajuku is a shop called simply “Dog”, a basement boutique specializing in everything weird and recycled. They mod vintage clothes into unique modern punk looks by cutting, painting and embellishing on premises.

For this doll I wanted to use the same principle of repurposing old items. The layered tulle petticoat is a sample of my PFDF 2014 collection; the T-shirt, razor cut by hand for a revived look,from 2013 Autumn line; the OOAK feather choker with a silver skull with purple crystal eyes from an early fashion I made for Sybarite on 2009; the MSD socks from a Hong Kong doll convention and fitted for Inamorata; boots are from a 6th scale military action figure, crusted with spikes, painted with emo goth slogans such as “not interested”, “don’t care”, “die die die” and “kill kill kill”, as well as Japanese and punk symbols; the purse from a FashionRoyalty is similarly covered in hand painted punk icons, as if the goth girl did it herself. One pair of her 6 hands is accessorized by painted on gloves.


The hard cap wig is made with pastel turquoise saran and decorated by a headband with ram horns – a popular goth accessory in Tokyo. Her scare makeup plays with eyeliner, inspired by my Tokyo friend’s black metal band stage makeup. Her lips are deep inky blue with a hint of pink visible between slightly the parted lips. She “wears black out lenses” a popular goth accessory, rendering her eyes entirely black.

The doll is an Inamorata Midori in Milk skintone and Andro chest.


Please email me via for availability. Payment by Paypal. International EMS shipping 70usd.

More photos at Flickr





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