FOR SALE: Ishild & Faye OOAK Dolls

These lovely ladies, blond Ishild and brunette Faye are looking for new homes. Both are ready to ship worldwide from Hong Kong. International shipping is 70usd for one doll, or 100usd for two. Email me directly if you want to buy one:


Ishild is a Andro Charo sculpt in Milk skin, dramatic dark makeup, brown eyes and a pale alpaca hair arranged in tousled flip braid. She wears a play suit of black lace.


FAYE – 1500USD

Faye features the Busty Midori sculpt in Caramel skin tone. Her amber eyes are veiled in dramatic makeup palette and her smoky eye is done is a style more suited for her Asian features. Her long mahogany hair slicked back is very special material: my hair. She wears an underwire bra and high waist panties made with black lace.



More photos at Flickr:

FS: Ishild & Faye - OOAK Inamorata

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