Since the Stiletto heels are now sold out I’m placing a new order at the factory. Last order was for raw parts but this time I’m ordering them sanded, seams and casting residue cleaned, so that the shoes are ready to wear or to be embellished for your DIY project.

The new order will have all the 5 doll skin tones: Milk, Latte, Caramel, Chocolate and Coffee so that your doll can wear the perfect nude pumps to match their skin tone. The sanded shoes will be 50usd per pair and ready to ship in early November. Shipping by priority mail is 7usd for upto 5 pairs. Please ask for a shipping quote for larger orders.


Order now to make sure you get the colours you want. This is a limited patch of 10 pairs per colour, so they sold out fast.

Please fill in the ORDER FORM 2 to place a preorder for the shoes. 

The picture on the right has raw parts in black resin (you can see some of the casting residue on the top), the other pictures show finished shoes made using the Caramel resin Stiletto heels.


You can find more shoes in the SHOP


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