There have been a lot of questions about the new body so I wanted to write an article answering the most frequent ones from Instagram and Facebook.


“When is the new Inamorata 3.0 available for preorder and where can I buy it?”

Preorders should begin on Monday 3rd of June at

“How much will the dolls cost?”

The blank dolls with one pair of hands and feet will be 900usd. OOAKs start at 1200usd. Extra hands, feet and accessories will be available separately.

“Can I get a layaway?”

Yes, the new website will have a preorder deposit and layaway options in the payment plan.

“Will this preorder be limited?”

Yes, I have paid a deposit for 50 dolls in the casters schedule and that is all for this year. The 50 dolls will include all the permutations of the skin tones and sculpts, so these will be extremely limited and rare dolls. There will be approximately 10 dolls per skin tone.



“What has changed?”

The new generation Inamorata 3.0 has more realistic proportions. The torso and neck are longer, the legs shorter. The torso and neck also have 5 joints instead of 2. The new shoulder mechanism made the shoulder wider and to balance that out the hips are also wider, with new enhanced mobility. The new generation comes with more optional feet and hands, and insertable eyes.  In addition to all this new expression there is more sculptural detail and the body has more athletic look with strong muscular legs.


“Will the old Inamorata clothes fit the new ones?”

Loose and elastic styles might fit but since our girl has been pumping some serious iron her shoulders, legs and buttocks have moved up a size. I tried on the Sybarite Blade gown on large bust and it fits like a glove. This should make sharing clothes with other dolls easier, as the old generation Inamorata was rather petite.

“Can I get extra heads for my Inamorata doll?”

You can. The stringing mechanism is different for the 3.0 heads making it easy to swap heads. They use a o-ring with magnet closure head cap to allow people to change and move the eyes. You can save money and space by getting a two-in-one doll. Or five-in-one! I will. 😀

“Will the doll have painted or insertable eyes?”

Yes and yes. Best of both worlds. The options are:

  1. Ready made insertable eyes so you can change eye colour and direction of the gaze.
  2. Insertable eye base so you can make your own. DIY.
  3. Filler eyes that can be glued in and painted for traditional look.

“Can I buy the new feet for my older Inamorata dolls?”

You can. The new generation has three pairs of feet and they fit all generations. The standard doll will come with the classic high heeled feet (upgraded with much detail) that fit most 16″ doll shoes. The new ballet feet and flats are optional, can be bought separately and come with their own shoes. If you want to order a resin shade matching an older doll you should do so in the preorder stage.


Close up of the Inamorata 3.0 feet options:
  1. Refreshed high heeled feet in a size that makes sharing shoes easy. I added more detail to show the strain of wearing that classic 6 inch stiletto heels.
  2. New ballet feet (with their own pointe shoes) showing all the painstaking hard work that goes into the art of ballet. I loved sculpting all the wrinkles in the soles of the feet! 
  3. New flat feet (with their own shoes too) for more relaxed Audrey Hepburn elegance. I purposefully made these in a size that fits most action figure shoes in case your doll wants to be sporty in sneakers or combat boots!


“Can I buy new hands for my older Inamorata dolls?”

Yes you can. There is a completely new pair of ballet hand sculpts, 3 other new hands sculpts, and 3 updated old favourites. All the pairs will be available to be bought separately. Like with feet, you should order at the preorder stage.


“How many head sculpts will be available?”

All 5 head sculpts have evolved new looks and have been renamed for clarity. These 5 new sculpts will continue in production, where as the older sculpts will retire. If you love an particular older head, contact me to reserve one ASAP. They can be used on the new body too (although strung together differently, making it harder to swap heads). That makes the head sculpt count 10 for the moment. I am also working on a entirely new head, my very first Anglo-Saxon one that will celebrate mature beauty. These are the new updated heads (with insertable eyes) and their evolutionary steps are:

  1. Charo                      => Alita
  2. Nnaji => Nnaji2.0  => Nsia
  3. Miao  => Midori    => Chie
  4. Valerie                    => Shani
  5. Nubia                      => Sura


“Will you still stock the old generation streamlined bodies?”

Unfortunately my home business is too small to carry large stock and having two molds open at the caster is too expensive. There are still few streamlined bodies left, so if you prefer that please contact me to reserve one ASAP. The old body will fit the new heads too if you want to mix and match.


For more photos see Flickr


Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I will keep you posted with the progress!

Titania – Inamorata Jewellery Collection Spring 2019

This open edition jewellery collection is inspired by art nouveau jewellery and available per order. International priority shipping is is 7usd. Please use order form 2 to place an order. The collection is modelled by Ember, a commissioned OOAK Inamorata Charo, who is not for sale.

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The set of three butterfly/dragonfly hair pins are 30usd for a set of three. Available in 4 colours: gold, silver, gunmetal and brass.

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Tiara with four butterflies perching on it is 120usd. Available in 4 colours: gold, silver, gunmetal and brass.

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Tiara with four dragonflies perching on it is 120usd. Available in 4 colours: gold, silver, gunmetal and brass.

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Tiara with three dragonflies perching and flying is 120usd. Available in 3 colours: gold, silver and gunmetal.

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Tiara with six dragonflies perching and flying is 140usd. Available in 3 colours: gold, silver and gunmetal.

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Bare tiara (also fits 12″ dolls) 20usd. Available in 4 colours: gold, silver, gunmetal and brass.

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Three strand pink crystal necklace and gold necklace 100usd

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Heart shaped crystal necklace 100usd

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Short dragonfly necklace with crystals is 150usd. Materials for this are out of stock for the moment. I will try to find more crystal jewellery pieces in Japan in the Autumn.

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Dragonfly choker with crystals is 150usd. Materials for this are out of stock for the moment. I will try to find more crystal jewellery pieces in Japan in the Autumn.

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Long dragonfly necklace with crystals 210usd. Materials for this are out of stock for the moment. I will try to find more crystal jewellery pieces in Japan in the Autumn.

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Classic Stiletto heels to compliment the look. These are fitted for Inamorata only.  They are available in 5 resin colours matching the Inamorata skin tones: Milk, Latte, Caramel, Chocolate and Coffee. The dragonfly/ butterfly ornaments come in choice of gold, silver, gunmetal and brass. 70usd per pair.

Wax Sculpting Inamorata 2007-2012

Doing backups, I found a forgotten folder in an old hard drive. It had contained immense nostalgia: wax sculpting photos from over a decade ago when my dream of a doll of my own began.

Inamorata dolls weren’t released until late 2012, but on 2007 I was already making the very first 12″ sized wax models for my own doll. You can see the first immobile sculpture standing next to my early repaints of Momoko and Integrity dolls, before I cut it apart to make joints. Truly the humble beginnings but the shape of the doll is already recognisable Inamorata.

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The curious thing is, I had forgotten that my 2007 prototype actually had a moving neck joint! At the time, the main market was for mannequin type fashion dolls, and together with my business partner Jing we decided that breaking the neck area with a joint was too visible and scrapped the idea in the end. However, the trend now seems to be towards mobility and I’ve been playing with the idea of bringing this early concept to life.

These photos are from the 16″ final version I was hand sculpting on 2012. I also had no idea at the time of the shrinkage caused by mold making and resin casting. My wax models shared the exact measurements (although very differently distributed) of my then favourite dolls: Numina and Sybarite. However, the final doll ended up losing almost 2cm in height and being rather petite next to her inspiring sisters.

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Jing and I really had no idea how to go about doll production and the first few years were an nightmare of trial and error, dreadful factories and other hardships, but we learned as we went along. Hard times but also happy ones, as we worked towards our dream. For many years it was a part time job / hobby for both of us. I taught Chinese and arts to stay afloat. It makes me so happy that now I can make a living doing what I love. That’s the greatest treasure of all.

Gravity Well Haute Couture Collection Autumn 2018

Gravity Well is a Emiliacouture Autumn 2018 collection of four sculpturesque avant garde gowns. All the garments are OOAK and 100% hand stitched millinery tulle over nude high collar dress that blends into the Latte skin tone.

Please use the ORDER FORM 2 to order or the Buy It Now links to Etsy next to the items.

Modelled by Inamorata Amrit and Ming Na, a OOAK dolls with Latte resin and Andro body.  Amrit is available for sale in the shop. All the fashions fit both Busty and Andro body Inamorata dolls.

The matte black stiletto heels and the micro braid wig are sold separately.

Gravity Well – α (Alpha) 680 usd BUY IT NOW ON ETSY

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Gravity Well – β (Beta) 750 usd *SOLD*

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Gravity Well – γ (Gamma) 680 usd *SOLD*

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Gravity Well -δ (Delta) 880 usd *ON HOLD*

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Jewellery Collection Autumn 2018

This exotic Emiliacouture jewellery collection from Autumn 2018 is inspired by African tribal and Indian wedding jewellery. Each piece is OOAK (although colour variants can be commissioned for the purely bead pieces) and hand made by Emilia. The jewellery fits all 16″ dolls and is modelled here by Inamorata Frecklemania girls. Some pieces are meant to be mix and match so an individual photo might show layered necklaces. Prices are listed below.

Please use ORDER FORM 2 to order.

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1) Copper choker necklace 65usd
2) Copper and purple choker necklace 70usd
3) Copper and light blue Egyptian necklace 65usd  (SOLD, you may order colour variants)


4) Gold high choker 70usd (SOLD, you may order colour variants, price applies for single colour designs. Two+ tone design is 90usd)
5) Gold and red African geometric pattern high choker 90usd (SOLD, you may order colour variants in select two tone designs)
6) Gold and red single strand choker with a pendant 40usd
7) Gold and red single strand long necklace with a small pendant 50usd (SOLD)
8) Gold and red single strand necklace with a large pendant 55usd
9) Gold and red two strand necklace with a large pendant 65usd
10) Gold and black single strand choker with a pendant 40usd
11) Gold and black single strand necklace with a small pendant 50usd
12) Gold and black single strand necklace with a large pendant 55usd
13) Gold and black two strand necklace with a large pendant 65usd
14) Gold and black chain necklace/hair ornament with a small pendant 65usd
15) Gold and black earrings, gift with a set of two gold and black items
16) Gold and red earrings, gift with a set of two gold and red items (SOLD, you may order colour variants)


Some longer necklaces are designed to be layered together with the chokers:



You can also commission colour variants of these designs. Below (right) is the no.5 choker in the colours of no.3 necklace (left) made to order for a customer.


Commissioned chokers modelled by Nyah and Rue


Monark Lingerie

New open edition Emiliacouture Monark lingerie set is available (made to order) for Inamorata Busty and Andro, Popovy, Numina, Ficon, ModDolls, Mbluedoll, and old gen Sybs (the sewing model I have is Sybarite Raja). Note that the placement of the lace will be slightly different of larger dolls like Sybarites. The prototype set fits Inamorata Busty and Andro bodies. Bra and panties set: 300 usd 

Please use the ORDER FORM 2 to order.

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*The lingerie is modelled by Matieres Fecales fan art Inamorata doll, also available in the shop.



The second generation OOAK Inamorata dolls below are available now and ready to ship. The prices for nude dolls without wigs start at 1100usd. Inamorata OOAK art dolls feature 21 points of articulation and are made with high quality, slightly translucent resin. Each doll comes with 8 hands: 2 dressing paddles, and 6 expressive hands sculpted in different poses.

Please use the ORDER FORM 2 .

You can also commission dolls based on your concept and preferences.


Doll:  Hotaru
Head sculpt: Midori
Resin Colour: Caramel
Body type:  Optional Inamorata 2.0 Busty or upcoming Inamorata 3.0
Face up: Green eyeshadow, glossy sakura lips and deep brown eyes.
Price: 1100usd for Inamorata 2.0 and 1200usd for Inamorata 3.0
Wigs and Fashion sold separately: Brown braid wig 300usd, silver side braid 200usd.


Doll:  Ayame
Head sculpt: Midori
Resin Colour: Caramel
Body type:  Optional Inamorata 2.0 Busty or upcoming Inamorata 3.0
Face up: Gold eyeshadow, glossy sakura lips and hazel eyes.
Price: 1100usd for Inamorata 2.0 and 1200usd for Inamorata 3.0
Wigs and Fashion sold separately: Brandy red braid wig 300usd, silver side braid 200usd.


Doll:  Midas
Head sculpt: Charo
Resin Colour: Charcoal
Body type:  Andro
Face up: Highly editorial makeup with golden tears, red lips, gold eyebrows, red sequins applies over her eyeshadow and as bindi. Her eyes are greenish grey.
Price: 1100usd (nude)
Fashion: Red lizard skin corset and posture collar 480usd, golden sequin helmet 130usd, black and white beaded corset with choker necklace and lace panties 680usd, Phelsuma sequin dress (see below) 980usd and shoes 120usd.

Owner Pics Gallery

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the dolls I’ve created in their new homes. You can email me via if you’d like to submit your photos to be featured in this gallery. Please also join the Inamorata community and share your photos at the In Adoration of Inamorata Dolls group on Facebook.


The first photographer featured is amazing Kim London whose gorgeous photos have been published in Fashion Doll Quarterly and other doll magazines. The doll in these photos is Inamorata Lupita, an original OOAK Busty Charo sculpt in Coffee resin I made on 2017.

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I’m excited to showcase my super talented friend Cholo Ayuyao aka Cho:lo, and his photos of Inamorata. He is both a repaint artist as well as an exquisite fashion and jewellery designer. The doll he painted here is the Inamorata Nnaji 1.0. and fashions are from his past collections.

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Vanessa aka NessaCollects on Instagram is a doll collector and professional photographer, and her skills are clearly visible in her awesome doll photography. Her dolls Naiobi (OOAK) and edgy Midori painted by @angstypenguin live a life of fashion models.

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Uriah aka Rob Redden has been my friend and supporter for as long as I’ve been a doll collector. We met in the Fashion Royalty W Club on 2007 and he always encouraged me to make my dream of my own doll line come true. His gallery below features Inamorata Gamut and the first ever Inamorata ever made: Mirrorball.

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Adrian Bertrand aka Adry is another old doll collecting friend. I made a charity doll, Petrographié Grés, to a New York Metro Dolls event he was organizing on 2003. His photos have been published in many doll magazines and for a good reason. I adore his photography, styling and cool editing effects. He also made an epic diorama for his OOAK Inamorata Danai.

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Mel Parker-Reeves is one of those collectors who has a very distinct personal style and the queen of mix & match styling (which is my favourite kind of play with dolls)! I’ve always adored her photography and the fierce outfits she puts together for her models. She is the happy owner of the Nnaji that was repainted by Cho:lo for his Ethni:City collection. She also recently acquired Nyah from the Inamorata Vitiligo collection.

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“Alice in Wonderland xoxo” on Instagram is a collector with a wonderfully eclectic collection of art dolls. She adopted Nala from Inamorata Vitiligo collection and is giving the fierce little lady a lot of love! I love her use of backdrops and lighting. It’s always makes me happy to know my dolls are in a good home.

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Join Inamorata Community!


I started a group for Inamorata Dolls on Facebook. Please join, and share your creativity and love of dolls with other collectors! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the dolls I’ve made in their new homes. I would also love to see Inamorata repaints and your creations for Inamorata, so release your creativity! It is also a great place for doll adoptions amongst collectors.

Welcome to the In Adoration of Inamorata Dolls!


One of my favourite things in the world is seeing my sculptures painted by artists I admire. As soon as I got my very first Inamorata dolls from the casting factory, I went total fan girl and send two of them to Hendra Widjaja. Miao and Nnaji and returned to me as Ling and Anuli. Hendra’s work is always so exquisite!

I really hope to see Inamorata painted by other artists in the Facebook group and all the fashions, wigs, shoes and other things you creative people have made for your Inamorata dolls. 🙂

I have also started a new gallery for pictures of Inamorata in their new homes. You can email me via if you’d like to submit your photos to be featured in the gallery.

Please like and subscribe my Inamorata Doll page on Facebook and the Emiliacouture Instagram. To see my complete photos gallery since 2007, visit Flickr.

Faceup & Eyelash Tutorial

I was requested to do a painting tutorial, so here is documentation of my progress over a Caramel resin Charo during last week. Note that the doll is not entirely finished yet, but I will post more as I progress.



I have different ways of working for different projects. When I don\t have a specific look in mind I usually start by blushing to enhance the three dimensional shape of the face. However, when attempting to capture a specific look (This Charo is inspired by delightfully androgynous looks of Ruby Rose) it helps to sketch the face out to find likeness, and for that I use light brown watercolour. This way I can just wash the face clean if I mess up, and try again. Painting look-a-likes is always more time consuming than freehand painted faceups, so I generally charge extra for the service. When I have found the right look I soften the lines and seal it with Mr.Super Clear UV Cut Flat spray.


Some dolls have sculpted eyebrows, but when hand sculpting the Inamorata head sculpts I wanted to keep the canvas as emotionally versatile as possible. Our eyebrows communicate huge amounts of information about our mood and personality and I enjoy getting as many different looks out of a head sculpt as possible. Scraping the hairs into an eyebrow to create more textured look and finer lines that I can accomplish with a brush alone is a technique I have only recently began to explore. I love the look it gives the doll, although it limits the expression if the dolls is to be repainted in the future. I use a hobby knife blade without a handle for better accuracy and scratch the hairs into the brows. It is wonderful to study how different the look of the brows is even though the shape of the brows remains the same but the direction of the hairs changes.


For contouring the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead I use pastel dust. I generally mix my own colours by scraping Rembrandt pastels into fine dust into a palette or small boxes. I also use PanPastels, metallic pigments and powder form eyeshadows from MAC and Makeup Store. In body blushing and contouring I use 2-3 different shades: usually a cool slightly darker shade for shadows, and a warmer shade for highlights. For example for Milk resin these shades a copper oxide green for shade and pale rose pink for highlights. For a natural look on Milk resin, I dust under eyes with slightly purple toned down shade, because that is closest to my own pallid complexion. However, for the makeup here I used light brown under the eyes and black pastel above the lid, natural hues on the lips and dark brown of the brows. Building the pastel part of the faceup may take several layers and I seal each phase with UV coating.


After the messy pastel base is done I paint eyes and other final details last, using acrylics and a fine brush. The acrylics brands I use are Vallejo Game Color and Games Workshop Citadel. As brushes age and lose their accuracy, I cut them down to make tiny make up brushes for applying the pastel dust pigments.

I paint the entire eye white first, then the iris, often mixing diluted acrylics while wet on the iris itself to create more interesting colour fluctuations. If the sculpts has open mouth, this is when I paint the teeth. Charo and Nnaji have sculpted upper teeth, but I like playing with the expression by painting a line of white underneath to give an impression of lower teeth. Or a line of pink as if the tip of the tongue was visible, just about to lick the teeth. These little variations change the mood of the doll hugely.

With diluted acrylics I add feathery detail to the eyebrows, sometimes draw lower lashes, add a feint lighter lip liner to make the lips pop, etc. I often apply the eyeliner inside the sculpted eye, to the deep grooves or waterline sculpted in Inamorata eyes. I find this gives a more natural effect although it depends on the sculpt too. The older sculpts like Charo and Nnaji have quite huge eyes, so I tend to paint them smaller for more realistic portions, but the three new sculpts: Midori, Nubia and Valerie have smaller eyes, so I often use the “liquid eyeline” (acrylic) on the upper eyelid too to reshape the eyes, just like I was applying make up on my own eyes.

I often prefer to use just pastels on the lips for a more natural effect, but for lipstick I use acrylics as a solid colour, or often adding lip lines to emphasize the texture.  I am really not a fan of solid colour lips as always feel I could had done more with them, they feel unfinished and somewhat playline. To make this feature more interesting I sculpted the Inamorata heads with lip wrinkles and very distinct lip shapes, so even a solid coating of paint with a gloss varnish will bring out an interesting landscape of details when studied up close.


I often use aquarelle pens to draw finer detail on the face. Lower lashes, feathery hairs of eyebrows, wrinkles of the lips, and a fine line of highlight in a shade lighter than the skin tone on the amor’s bow on the upper lip, right under the wing of the brow and a glint of light on the waterline of the eye to extend the tear duct. These pens are great for finding the right spot of a beauty mark, as you can just safely wipe them off with a moist Q-tip if you have sealed all the layers below with UV spray.


One of the finishing touches is gloss varnish. I usually apply it on the naturally moist parts of human skin: the eyes and lips. Lips can have a full gloss coating as if from a make up, or for a matte look, just a hint of moisture between the lips. For eyes I apply the varnish on the waterline and tear ducts as well, and rarely a diluted solution over the eyelid if the eyeshadow benefits from the look.



I use human size lashes I cut down to right size and length, including the tapering them down towards inner corners of the eyes. I use a toothpick to roll the lash ribbon into shape before using a gel type glue meant for crystals and watch parts. Do not use superglue! It will harden the lashes and they’ll get snagged into clothes and come off, often pealing paint with them and ruining the doll.

While holding the lashes with tweezers I put a tiny bit of the glue on the lash ribbon and slip the lashes underneath the upper eyelid where Inamorata have a deep sculpted groove for the lashes. The groove helps the lashes stay in place, keep their shape and hide the thick lash ribbon and any glue residue from view. I use a toothpick to press the lashes deep in the groove, especially holding down the ends. Then I use a fingernail to press up the lashes to a chosen position and let the glue dry. After its dried I apply the final layer of eyeliner, morphing the lashes to the eyelid with acrylics.

The doll is finished!


I hope this is useful for you repaint projects and motivates you to be creative! I started out as a doll collector, repainting Barbie, Momoko and Fashion Royalty Dolls. Before that I was a nerdy kid who was into Warhammer 40000 figurines. If you want to see my early works and other tutorials, you can find them on my Flickr. 🙂