FOR SALE: Harajuku Halloween Midori

Happy Halloween everyone!


Ever since my trip to Japan I’ve been wanting to make a doll inspired by the awesome Harajuku fashions and goth punk scene in Tokyo. One of my favourite places at Harajuku is a shop called simply “Dog”, a basement boutique specializing in everything weird and recycled. They mod vintage clothes into unique modern punk looks by cutting, painting and embellishing on premises.

For this doll I wanted to use the same principle of repurposing old items. The layered tulle petticoat is a sample of my PFDF 2014 collection; the T-shirt, razor cut by hand for a revived look,from 2013 Autumn line; the OOAK feather choker with a silver skull with purple crystal eyes from an early fashion I made for Sybarite on 2009; the MSD socks from a Hong Kong doll convention and fitted for Inamorata; boots are from a 6th scale military action figure, crusted with spikes, painted with emo goth slogans such as “not interested”, “don’t care”, “die die die” and “kill kill kill”, as well as Japanese and punk symbols; the purse from a FashionRoyalty is similarly covered in hand painted punk icons, as if the goth girl did it herself. One pair of her 6 hands is accessorized by painted on gloves.


The hard cap wig is made with pastel turquoise saran and decorated by a headband with ram horns – a popular goth accessory in Tokyo. Her scare makeup plays with eyeliner, inspired by my Tokyo friend’s black metal band stage makeup. Her lips are deep inky blue with a hint of pink visible between slightly the parted lips. She “wears black out lenses” a popular goth accessory, rendering her eyes entirely black.

The doll is an Inamorata Midori in Milk skintone and Andro chest.


Please email me via for availability. Payment by Paypal. International EMS shipping 70usd.

More photos at Flickr







I’m so excited to see the new sculpts I worked on for half a year finally in resin. Five head sculpts (Charo, Nnaji, Valerie, Midori and Nubia, and five skintones (Milk, Latte, Caramel, Chocolate and Coffee) are now in stock as blank dolls (800usd) or as bespoken OOAKs (starting at 1100usd). There are also two bust sizes to choose from: Busty and Andro.


Email me for orders:

More photos at Flickr:

Inamorata Dolls
Inamorata Dolls



I am proud to present three new head types for Inamorata dolls! Midori was inspired by the beautiful women I saw in my travels around Taiwan and Japan. I absolutely love the rebooted Nnaji 2.0 but I feel she lost some of her ethnicity with the narrower nose, so her new sister Nubia is here to bring back the feeling of the original Nnaji sculpt from 2012. Last but not the least, as I have been working on her for years, is Valerie, a new softer Caucasian sculpt to compliment the most popular of Inamorata sculpts; the Latina vibe Charo.


The new heads are available now for preorder patch either as blank dolls or commissioned OOAKs. Please read more about the order here.



Hand Sculpting

People often ask me why I don’t use 3D imaging in my work. I love sculpting by hand and feel more connected to the finished work this way. Also, I believe in keeping the old traditions alive. Too many beautiful crafts are dying in the world and while visiting museums in Taiwan I have become even more acute aware of this. This is why I make my dolls completely by hand.

Instead, I use hard wax to make the first drafts, make a silicone mold and home cast them in resin to continue refining the sculpt. These heads are in the resin stage of sanding the surface and endless tweaking of facial features. For this I use a 2-component epoxy putty to add mass to the resin. The brand I use; Magic Sculpt, gives about an hour to work with the soft, wax like, form of the putty, before it hardens and can be carved, sanded and painted. I paint the models grey to see imperfections of the skin more easily and finally use a surfacing agent like Mr.Surfacer 1000 to give the model a nice matted skin like texture.



The new Inamorata sculpts are now unveiled and all five Inamorata 2.0 sculpts are available for preorder now. I will unveil the resin head samples of the new head sculpts for painting testing soonand the production will take place in June.

The price for blank dolls is 800usd and there is a 50% deposit to order and the rest is due with shipping costs when the dolls are at hand. The production slot is in June, but it’s safe to allow 3 months production period as the workshop that does my dolls is a very small family business. I love to support small entrepreneurs who take pride in the quality of their work.

So create your own perfect Inamorata doll with 8 hands and a stand from the 5 head sculpts, 2 bust sizes and 5 different skin tone options. Note that there is also a new feet sculpt with separated toes.


The head sculpts available for order are Nnaji 2.0 and Charo, as well as three new head sculpts: Nubia, Midori and Valerie. You can read more about the new head sculpts and the process here. The two chest plate options are Andro and Busty.  The skin tone options are Milk, Latte, Chocolate and Coffee. As requested I have added a new skin tone Caramel, a warm tan.


Please email me ( to preorder and include the information below:

  • Blank (800usd) or fully painted OOAK doll (1100usd)
  • The dolls head sculpt, skin tone and bust size.
  • Your full name, address, phonenumber and PayPal ID

The deposit is 50% and the production is on it’s way.

Thank you for your patronage!



FOR SALE: Miniature Buckles & Ribbons (3mm)

When I started my doll line I could not find small enough miniature buckles anywhere. I wanted something tiny and beautiful, not the bulky plastic ones I found online or the small, yet still too large for 4th scale. So I had my own laser carved out of metal so thin it’s like a sturdy business card. Since a metal factory’s minimum order was 1000 sheets I have quite a collection of these, and so I thought I’d share this resource with my fellow doll artists.


Each sheet has 30 metal buckles and comes with options of GOLD or SILVER colour. The size of these buckles works well with soft 3mm silk ribbons, or 2-1.5mm straps cut out of thicker or harder materials like leatherette.

Each buckle is laser carved with intricate decorative pattern and easy to clip off the sheet with wire cutters or nail clippers. They are quite strong and fully functional for straps that need opening and closing, or adjusting fit. You won’t find anything this tiny and intricate elsewhere!

For size and colour reference, here are the buckles in use on 16″ Inamorata doll shoes and purse:


Prices including a significant wholesale discount:

  • 1 sheet (30 buckles, 15 pairs) 9usd
  • 10 sheets 80usd
  • 50 sheets 220usd
  • 100 360usd

I also have also accumulated some 3mm double sided satin ribbons over past projects and offering them for sale. This ribbon size works well with the buckles and is thin enough to loop through twice to create functional sliding buckles. The ribbon is easy to seal with a lighter so that the tips won’t unravel. Right now I have 7 colours in stock: warm beige, tea rose pink, burgundy, white, light grey, black and dandelion yellow. The ribbons are 1 usd per meter.


Priority shipping starts at 7usd and depends on the amount. I ship from Hong Kong.

Email me if interested:

P.S. I would love it if you post links to your creations using these buckles in the comments. Its always a treat to inspire others to create!:)

FOR SALE: Hard Cap Wigs

A while back I saw a SD size Dollshe David with a removable beard and decided to figure out how it would work in 44cm scale. I have a huge thing for beards and hence went a bit nuts making different colours and styles of hard cap wigs for him. I’m still learning how to make hard cap wigs but was just figuring it out before I snapped my clavicle and hard to take 2 months off work. Almost recovered now and just remembered that I never uploaded the photos. So here they are, available for sale and also for commission order after my arm has been rehabilitated.

I make wigs for Inamorata, Popovy, Dollshe 44cm (bearded ones only for David), Numina, Ficon and ModDolls. I can make others too in combination with OOAK doll commissions if you send the doll (or the head) to model for the wig.

The collection of my hard cap wigs can be found on Flickr.

Here are some price examples:

Stylized hair with a full beard 150usd27749331345_a7f14dc84d_z

Stylized hair with extra hard cap structures (for volume) 140usd27674714761_6cae6470b5_z

Simple hair style without a parting 90usd27136889534_ca96351570_z

Please read the commission info and contact me by email: