FOR SALE: Ishild & Faye OOAK Dolls

These lovely ladies, blond Ishild and brunette Faye are looking for new homes. Both are ready to ship worldwide from Hong Kong. International shipping is 70usd for one doll, or 100usd for two. Email me directly if you want to buy one:


Ishild is a Andro Charo sculpt in Milk skin, dramatic dark makeup, brown eyes and a pale alpaca hair arranged in tousled flip braid. She wears a play suit of black lace.


FAYE – 1500USD

Faye features the Busty Midori sculpt in Caramel skin tone. Her amber eyes are veiled in dramatic makeup palette and her smoky eye is done is a style more suited for her Asian features. Her long mahogany hair slicked back is very special material: my hair. She wears an underwire bra and high waist panties made with black lace.



More photos at Flickr:

FS: Ishild & Faye - OOAK Inamorata

INAMORATA SHOES and raw parts for DIY

Exciting news! New Inamorata shoes just arrived from the factory! I sculpted the prototypes for these heels almost a year ago, but getting the fit right due to resin shrinkage in casting took some time.



Classic Stiletto heels flaunt a super exaggerated arch that is straight out of 50’s fetish drawings.  They have a steel pin inserted into the heel to support the thin structure and the resin cups the heel and covers the toes with a pointy tips. They can be sanded and worn as they are, or used for customization.

Tengu Geta heels are an extreme platform sandals inspired by Japanese single tooth geta sandals. I originally designed these hoof like shoes for Popovy dolls with ballet feet sculpt and not the sculpt has been fitted for Inamorata and other 16″ doll dolls. You can see the original designs here.



The Classic Stilettos are available in three resin colours:

  • Opaque Black
  • Translucent Milk
  • Translucent Caramel

Tengu Geta platforms are available in two basic tones:

  • Opaque Black
  • Translucent Milk

The Milk and Caramel resin tones match Inamorata skin tones with same name so your doll can have an ultimate pair of those nude pumps that belong in every lady’s high fashion wardrobe. Caramel goes very well with Latte skin tone as well. The Tengu Geta present a beautiful canvas for painting decorative motifs.


*Example of the original Tengu Geta for Popovy ballet feet (above).


  • You can buy now them as factory cast raw parts (require sanding to remove casting seams) for your DIY projects for 30usd per pair. 
  • You can also contact me about commissioning custom made shoes: simply sanded and padded with an insole for 80usd; or more elaborate designs…Painted, gilded, lacquered, crusted with spikes, covered in fabric, embellished with flowers, gleaming with buckles… Price depends on the labour intensity of the project.


Tengu Geta platforms are easily adjusted to most dolls, but the Stilettos are more like Cinderella’s glass slipper. I tried them on all the 16″ dolls in my collection:

  • Inamorata 2.0 (loose fit with space designed for an lining and insole)
  • Inamorata 1.0 (tight fit as the arch of the foot has changed, no room for lining or thicker insole)
  • Sybarite (old body, Raja, tight fit like Inamorata 1.0)
  • ModDoll (Nyx, tight fit)
  • Numina (doesn’t fit )
  • Ficon (doesn’t fit )
  • mBlueDoll (doesn’t fit )
  • Popovy feet are obviously too large for these shoes (but since Tengu Geta were originally designed for the Popovy Ballet feet I can still hand cast them in that size, but for different price).

Email me via or use the order form if interested in ordering just the raw parts or commissioning bespoken shoes for your dolls.


I also found some of old heels for Inamorata 1.0 made in 2012-2013. The Inamorata arch has changed slightly and become higher over the years, but they still fit with slight padding adjusted to the insole. They can also be fitted for other 16″ dolls (except Popovy).


  • Chinese Lacquer heels – Processed and painted black with golden inlay in the carved landscape details. High gloss lacquer finish. No left and right foot difference. 80usd per pair.
  • Art Nouveau Snake heels –  Processed and painted black with high gloss lacquer finish. No left and right foot difference. 50usd per pair.
  • Dragon Spine heels – Just the high heel, no shoe so easy to use with any 16″ doll.  No left and right foot difference. Processed and comes painted in one of the following colours 15usd per pair:
    • Matte black
    • Matte yellow
    • Metallic orange
    • Metallic burgundy
    • Antique gold

Here are examples of the shoes I’ve made before using these heels:


Also check out the miniature buckles and ribbons for shoes making!

P.S. I would love if you post links in the comments section below to show your creations using these heels. Its always a treat to inspire others to create!:)

FOR SALE: Harajuku Halloween Midori

Happy Halloween everyone!


Ever since my trip to Japan I’ve been wanting to make a doll inspired by the awesome Harajuku fashions and goth punk scene in Tokyo. One of my favourite places at Harajuku is a shop called simply “Dog”, a basement boutique specializing in everything weird and recycled. They mod vintage clothes into unique modern punk looks by cutting, painting and embellishing on premises.

For this doll I wanted to use the same principle of repurposing old items. The layered tulle petticoat is a sample of my PFDF 2014 collection; the T-shirt, razor cut by hand for a revived look,from 2013 Autumn line; the OOAK feather choker with a silver skull with purple crystal eyes from an early fashion I made for Sybarite on 2009; the MSD socks from a Hong Kong doll convention and fitted for Inamorata; boots are from a 6th scale military action figure, crusted with spikes, painted with emo goth slogans such as “not interested”, “don’t care”, “die die die” and “kill kill kill”, as well as Japanese and punk symbols; the purse from a FashionRoyalty is similarly covered in hand painted punk icons, as if the goth girl did it herself. One pair of her 6 hands is accessorized by painted on gloves.


The hard cap wig is made with pastel turquoise saran and decorated by a headband with ram horns – a popular goth accessory in Tokyo. Her scare makeup plays with eyeliner, inspired by my Tokyo friend’s black metal band stage makeup. Her lips are deep inky blue with a hint of pink visible between slightly the parted lips. She “wears black out lenses” a popular goth accessory, rendering her eyes entirely black.

The doll is an Inamorata Midori in Milk skintone and Andro chest.


Please email me via for availability. Payment by Paypal. International EMS shipping 70usd.

More photos at Flickr




FOR SALE: Blank Dolls


  • Coffee skintone is sold out, but new patch of 5 dolls will be ready in end of June. There is a old Charcoal Coffee skin doll left with Andro chest (but I can restring the body with a optional Busty chest plate), optional Nnaji or Charo head.
  • Latte Busty body is sold out
  • Midori sculpt in Milk skin tone is sold out

Contact Emilia for inquiries or use the ORDER FORM to place an order.

Inamorata Doll Options:


There are now five head sculpts and six skin tones* to choose from, as well as two bust sizes. So create your own perfect Inamorata doll by getting blank doll now for customization or signing up for a commissioned OOAK. Each doll comes with 8 hands, and features a new feet sculpt with separated toes.

*Note that the new Coffee skin tone is warmer brown than the previous production that was more a Charcoal shade.





  • Milk
  • Latte
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee



  • Blank dolls 800usd
  • OOAKs start at 1100usd for nude dolls


Contact Emilia for inquiries or use the ORDER FORM to place an order.





FOR SALE: Miniature Buckles & Ribbons


When I started my doll line I could not find small enough miniature buckles anywhere. I wanted something tiny and beautiful, so I had my own cast and laser carved out of metal so thin it’s like a business card. Since a metal factory’s minimum order was 1000 sheets (EACH SHEET HAS 30 BUCKLES) I have quite a collection of these, and so I thought I’d share this resource with my fellow doll artists and all the hobbyist out there so they can share my joy of creation!

Each buckle is laser carved with intricate decorative pattern and easy to clip off the sheet with wire cutters or nail clippers. They are quite strong and fully functional for straps that need opening and closing, or adjusting a garment’s fit between different body types.


PRICES (including a significant wholesale discount)

  • 1 sheet (30 buckles, 15 pairs) 9usd
  • 10 sheets 80usd
  • 50 sheets 220usd
  • 100 360usd


  • Shiny gold
  • Shiny silver
  • Tarnished silver  (I did a weathering test with a limited amount of buckles and some display spots of oxidation. They did not darken like I hoped though.)


The size of these buckles works well with 2-3mm silk ribbons (see below), or 2-1.5mm straps cut out of thicker or harder materials like leatherette. For size and colour reference, here are the buckles in use on 16″ Inamorata doll shoes, purse and armour:



I also have also accumulated some spools of 3mm double sided satin ribbons over past projects and offering them for sale. This ribbon size works well with the buckles and is thin enough to loop through twice to create functional sliding buckle closure. The polyester ribbon is easy to seal with a lighter so that the tips won’t unravel.


  • Warm beige
  • Tea rose pink
  • Burgundy
  • Hard white
  • Light grey
  • Black
  • Dandelion yellow



The ribbons are 1 usd per meter. Priority shipping starts at 7usd and depends on the amount. I ship internationally from Hong Kong and happy to combine shipping with other items. Please check out the heel parts for shoe making!

Email me if interested: or use the order form “additional notes” field (scroll all the way down).

P.S. I would love if you post links in the comments section below to show your creations using these buckles. Its always a treat to inspire others to create!:)



I make wigs for Inamorata (PLEASE SPECIFY SCULPT, as even though Inamorata sculpts can easily share wigs but I like to shape the hairline to specifically compliment each sculpt), Popovy (Bluejay), Dollshe 44cm (David), Numina (Devon), Sybarite (Raja) Ficon, mBlueDoll and ModDolls (Nyx). I can make others too in if you send the doll (or the head) to model for the wig. Note that the wig making process might damage the face up, so it’s more advisable when the doll is sent for a make over.

Please read the HOW TO ORDER article before a commission, fill in the ORDER FORM or contact me directly via if you have any questions.


  • Short hair style without a parting 90usd
  • Long free hair without parting 120usd
  • Beard with ear hooks for bald look 120usd
  • Razor cut short hair with extra hard cap structures 140usd
  • Long free hair with parting 150usd
  • Beard wig with short styled hair 150usd
  • Long hair with elaborate braiding 300usd
  • Hair sculpture with hand carved antlers 650usd


A while back I saw a SD size Dollshe David with a removable beard and it inspired me to figure out how it would work in 44cm scale. I am happy to make these for other dolls too but will need the head for fitting. My male doll collection so far only has Dollshe David and Dollchic David. Here is the inventory of the hard cap wigs for Dollshe David now: