Miniature Buckles & Ribbons


When I started my doll line I could not find small enough miniature buckles anywhere. I wanted something tiny and beautiful, so I had my own cast and laser carved out of metal so thin it’s like a business card. Since a metal factory’s minimum order was 1000 sheets (EACH SHEET HAS 30 BUCKLES) I have quite a collection of these, and so I thought I’d share this resource with my fellow doll artists and all the hobbyist out there so they can share my joy of creation!

Each buckle is laser carved with intricate decorative pattern and easy to clip off the sheet with wire cutters or nail clippers. They are quite strong and fully functional for straps that need opening and closing, or adjusting a garment’s fit between different body types.


PRICES (including a significant wholesale discount)

  • 1 sheet (30 buckles, 15 pairs) 9usd
  • 10 sheets 80usd
  • 50 sheets 220usd
  • 100 360usd


  • Shiny gold
  • Shiny silver
  • Tarnished silver¬† (I did a weathering test with a limited amount of buckles and some display spots of oxidation. They did not darken like I hoped though.)


The size of these buckles works well with 2-3mm silk ribbons (see below), or 2-1.5mm straps cut out of thicker or harder materials like leatherette.¬†For size and colour reference, here are the buckles in use on 16″ Inamorata doll shoes, purse and armour:



I also have also accumulated some spools of 3mm double sided satin ribbons over past projects and offering them for sale. This ribbon size works well with the buckles and is thin enough to loop through twice to create functional sliding buckle closure. The polyester ribbon is easy to seal with a lighter so that the tips won’t unravel.


  • Warm beige
  • Tea rose pink
  • Burgundy
  • Hard white
  • Light grey
  • Black
  • Dandelion yellow



The ribbons are 1 usd per meter. Priority shipping starts at 7usd and depends on the amount. I ship internationally from Hong Kong and happy to combine shipping with other items. Please check out the heel parts for shoe making!

Email me if interested: or use the order form “additional notes” field (scroll all the way down).

P.S. I would love if you post links in the comments section below to show your creations using these buckles. Its always a treat to inspire others to create!:)


Emiliacouture hard cap wigs can be commissioned for different dolls. The ready made wigs in store fit Inamorata, Popovy, Deva, Ficon and Moddolls. I also have some wigs for Dollshe David 44cm. The materials used for the wigs are alpaca, mohair, lambswool, and KatSilk Saran fiber.

Please use ORDER FORM 2 to place an order or commission a new wig.

Elaborate multi strand braid wigs 300usd

  • Black Sheep – Deep dark brown updo with valkyrie side braids and loose curls in the back – sold (similar can be commissioned)
  • Valkyrie – Wheat blond updo with side braids
  • Sansa – Carrot red updo with 10 strand braid in the back- sold
  • Cinnabon – Brandy red updo with 10 strand braid in the back
  • Little Lamb – Warm brown updo with two spiraling braids in the back

Multi strand braid wigs 200usd

  • Khaleesi – Platinum blond braid over loose alpaca locks
  • Boho – Silver multi strand braid side braid with parting and loose boho strands

Simple multi strand braid wigs 150usd

  • Pony – Mixed grey sleek back ponytail with multi strand braid detail in the back
  • NeoDutch – Mixed purple, aubergine and silver sleek back multi strand braid updo with faux bang detail


I’ve developed a technique for making hard cap beard wigs for dolls, but they need to be tailor made to follow the contours of the face. Right now I only offer them for DollShe David, who I have at hand, but if you send me the doll head I can make them for any doll you like. There is a risk of damaging the exciting faceup however, so it’s best done with a blank head or combined with a repaint commission. You can also add glitter by request!

  • Beard wigs with short styled hair 150usd
  • Razor cut short white hair 140usd
  • Beard with ear hooks for bald look 120usd
  • Short slicked back hair style without a parting 90usd



  • Short sleek hair with parting 120usd
  • African style short cropped curls or cornrows 120usd
  • Long free hair with parting 150usd
  • Long hair with simple braiding (3-strand) 150usd
  • Updo wigs 150usd
  • Afro updos with needle felting 160usd
  • 50’s Glamour curls 200usd
  • Multi strand braid wigs 200usd
  • Elaborate multi strand braid partial updos 300usd
  • Marie Antoinette era wigs 300-600usd
  • Hair sculpture with hand carved antlers 650usd