I am excited to announce that the 4 months of painstaking hand sculpting is finally over and the much anticipated Inamorata 3.0 prototype is done ( and safely arrived to the caster).


There have been a lot of questions about the new body so I wanted to write an article answering the most frequent ones from Instagram and Facebook.

“When is the new Inamorata 3.0 available for preorder?”

Hopefully we can start the preorders in May. I have sent prototype to the caster and will announce preorders open when I have an accepted sample in my hands.

“How much will the dolls cost?”

The blank dolls with one pair of hands and feet will be 900usd. I haven’t got the price info for the extra feet and hands yet.

“What has changed?”

The new generation Inamorata 3.0 has more torso and neck joints, shoulders and hips with enhanced mobility, new pairs of optional feet and hands, resculpted nape of the neck and insertable eyes.  In addition to all this new expression there is more sculptural detail and the body has more athletic look.


“Does the doll have painted or insertable eyes?”

Best of both worlds. The options are:

  1. Ready made insertable eyes so you can change eye colour and direction of the gaze.
  2. Insertable eye base so you can make your own.
  3. Filler eyes that can be glued in and painted for traditional look.

“Are the old feet still available?” “Can I buy ballet and flat feet for my older Inamorata dolls?”

Yes, the old high heeled feet are still available, though improved, and fit most 16″ doll shoes. The new ballet feet and flats are optional, can be bought separately and come with their own shoes. If you want to order a resin shade matching an older doll you should do so in the preorder stage as not all skin tones will be stocked.


Close up of the Inamorata 3.0 feet options:
  1. Refreshed high heeled feet in a size that makes sharing shoes easy. I added more detail to show the strain of wearing that classic 6 inch stiletto heels.
  2. New ballet feet (with their own pointe shoes) showing all the painstaking hard work that goes into the art of ballet. I loved sculpting all the wrinkles in the soles of the feet! 
  3. New flat feet (with their own shoes too) for more relaxed Audrey Hepburn elegance. I purposefully made these in a size that fits most action figure shoes in case your doll wants to be sporty in sneakers or combat boots!


“Can I buy new hands for my older Inamorata dolls?”

Yes you can. There is a completely new pair of ballet hand sculpts, 3 other new hands sculpts, and 3 updated old favourites. All the pairs will be available to be bought separately. Like with feet, you should order at the preorder stage to make sure you get a resin tone matching your older dolls as not all colours will be stocked.


“Will you still stock the old generation streamlined bodies?”

Unfortunately my home business is too small to carry large stock and having two molds open at the factory is too expensive. There are still few streamlined bodies left, so if you prefer that please contact me to reserve one ASAP. The old body will fit the new heads too if you want to mix and match.

“How many head sculpts will be available?”

All 5 head sculpts have evolved new looks and have been renamed for clarity. These 5 new sculpts will continue in production, where as the older sculpts will retire. If you love an particular older head, contact me to reserve one ASAP. They can be used on the new body too. That makes the head sculpt count 10 for the moment. I am also working on a entirely new head, my very first Anglo-Saxon one that will celebrate mature beauty. These are the new updated heads (with insertable eyes) and their evolutionary steps are:

  1. Charo                      => Alita
  2. Nnaji => Nnaji2.0  => Nsia
  3. Miao  => Midori    => Chie
  4. Valerie                    => Shani
  5. Nubia                      => Sura


Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I will keep you posted with the progress! Here are some more pictures of the next generation for you to enjoy!


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Wax Sculpting Inamorata 2007-2012

Doing backups, I found a forgotten folder in an old hard drive. It had contained immense nostalgia: wax sculpting photos from over a decade ago when my dream of a doll of my own began.

Inamorata dolls weren’t released until late 2012, but on 2007 I was already making the very first 12″ sized wax models for my own doll. You can see the first immobile sculpture standing next to my early repaints of Momoko and Integrity dolls, before I cut it apart to make joints. Truly the humble beginnings but the shape of the doll is already recognisable Inamorata.

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The curious thing is, I had forgotten that my 2007 prototype actually had a moving neck joint! At the time, the main market was for mannequin type fashion dolls, and together with my business partner Jing we decided that breaking the neck area with a joint was too visible and scrapped the idea in the end. However, the trend now seems to be towards mobility and I’ve been playing with the idea of bringing this early concept to life.

These photos are from the 16″ final version I was hand sculpting on 2012. I also had no idea at the time of the shrinkage caused by mold making and resin casting. My wax models shared the exact measurements (although very differently distributed) of my then favourite dolls: Numina and Sybarite. However, the final doll ended up losing almost 2cm in height and being rather petite next to her inspiring sisters.

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Jing and I really had no idea how to go about doll production and the first few years were an nightmare of trial and error, dreadful factories and other hardships, but we learned as we went along. Hard times but also happy ones, as we worked towards our dream. For many years it was a part time job / hobby for both of us. I taught Chinese and arts to stay afloat. It makes me so happy that now I can make a living doing what I love. That’s the greatest treasure of all.

Blank Dolls

Inamorata dolls can be now bought blank for customization. There are now five head sculpts and six resin colour to choose from, as well as two bust sizes. Each doll comes with 8 hands, and features a new feet sculpt with separated toes. For more info about the Inamorata dolls, please read this article.


  • Blank dolls 800usd
  • OOAKs with face up and body blushing by Emilia start at 1100usd for nude dolls
  • International shipping by EMS is 70usd

Please use the ORDER FORM 2 to place an order for blank dolls.

*Note that Latte resin blank dolls are sold out, some OOAKs are still available in the shop.



Charo (2014)


Nnaji 2.0 (2015)


Valerie (2017)


Midori (2017)


Nubia (2017)


BUST SIZES: Busty vs Andro



  • The new patch of Coffee skin tone dolls is just in! There is also one old Charcoal Coffee skin doll left with Andro chest (but I can restring the body with a optional Busty chest plate), optional Nnaji or Charo head.
  • Latte Busty body is sold out
  • Midori sculpt in Milk skin tone is sold out





Inamorata Resin & New Caramel Skin

I’ve been asked a lot about the luminescent quality of the resin I use for my dolls and the secret is in its translucency. Human skin is not opaque and if we stand against direct sunlight the thin parts of our bodies, like ears, light up. I wanted to give my dolls the same quality and after a long search I did find a superb polyurethane resin that grants this effect. It’s also stronger than regular resin so tiny parts, like separately sculpted fingers, don’t break as easily as in opaque old school resins.


Upon request I have made a new skin tone: Caramel, available for the new Inamorata 2.0 patch. Caramel is a warm dark tan and picture (see below) in the left. On the right there is Latte, that is rather pale tan and the hands holding the resin samples are the pinkish, almost paper white, Milk.


That means there are 5 skin tones now available for preorder: Milk, Latte, Caramel, Chocolate and Coffee. Inamorata dolls also come in 5 different head sculpts and 2 bust sizes.


After the photo above was taken the new patch of Coffee dolls arrived with a beautiful deep aubergine shade of brown as illustrated by the picture below. This will now be the skin tone knows as Coffee and the old Coffee skin that was Charcoal black will be discontinued. There are couple of old Coffee aka Charcoal skin dolls left in stock at the moment, but they have been reserved for commissions.


Tattoos and Hyper Realistic Body Blushing

One of my favourite things in painting dolls is to use layers to create lifelike skin so translucent and textured that it is almost as if the doll is just holding their breath, ready to gasp to life at any moment.

Dénear The Sirens Twins Inamorata 2.0 OOAK Charo Busty Milk art doll bjd haute couture emiliacouture em'lia
Dénear – One of the OOAK Siren twins, Inamorata 2.0. with hyper realistic body blushing, freckles and strobing.

This means multi hue base. To give Milk skin that feel of translucence I use pale copper oxide green, powder pink and faint lavender. Between the layers I might draw blue blood vessels, on top freckles, moles, scars and tattoos. It’s a mixed media of aquarelles, pencils, acrylics, pastels and other pigments. I often use loose pigment powders made for human makeup such as the ones from Make Up Store and MAC. Each layer is sealed with thin spray of Mr. Super Clear UV Cut Flat sealant and each doll has 5-10 layers depending on the level of detail. I also love deep dark skin tone, although dark resin is always harder to work with, but I find the glow of dark skin and the paler palms and soles of absolutely stunning.

For tattoos I often use aquarelle pencils sealed with UV spray. If the tattoo is meant to look fresh I use darker, more vibrant colours; if the tattoo is worn and old, the colours are faded and I do the body blushing over them for a more authentic feel.


I’ve always loved tattoos and for two years I have been planning a collection of tattooed dolls, each OOAK representing a tradition of body art. My favourite has always been the Japanese Irezumi, an aesthetic heavily influenced by the ukiyo-e wood prints, and associated with yakuza. The other body art traditions represented could be Russian Bratva prison tattoos, American traditional, Indian henna, tribal scarification and Viking warrior.


I am also interested in exploring bruises, scars, piercing and other body modifications in dolls. I was a tomboy of a child with constantly scraped knees, that grew into martial artist naming her bruises after the person who gave them to me. I consider scars and wrinkles as a part of a person’s life story written on their skin and all of it is beautiful, even if painful, because life carves depth into our souls. Hence, making dolls that show aging, bruises and scars is a wonderful way to tell story. It is what makes the dolls, and this work, interesting.


You can find examples of commission prices for OOAK Inamorata dolls and other doll commissions here. Hyper realistic body blushing is 100usd. Tattoo work depends much on the scale and detail, but estimate for a small individual tattoo is 50usd, and larger sleeves or full body tattoos need to be priced case by case. Same goes for leaf “gold” accents. A detailed full body Irezumi style tattoos start at 500usd.

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Emiliacouture hard cap wigs can be commissioned for different dolls. The ready made wigs in store fit Inamorata, Popovy, Deva, Ficon and Moddolls. I also have some wigs for Dollshe David 44cm. The materials used for the wigs are alpaca, mohair, lambswool, human hair (my own) and KatSilk Saran fiber.


  • Elaborate multi strand braid partial updo, dark brown sold
  • Elaborate multi strand braid partial updo, wheat blond, 300usd
  • Elaborate multi strand braid partial updo, brandy red sold
  • Elaborate multi strand braid partial updo, warm brown, 300usd
  • Multi strand braid blond wig with center parting, sold,
  • Multi strand braid silver wig side braid with parting part 200usd
  • Mixed grey sleek back ponytail with multistrand braid 150usd
  • Mixed purple, aubergine and silver sleek back multistrand braid updo 150usd
  • Long free hair without parting 120usd
  • Long free hair with parting 150usd
  • Shoulder length razor cut wig with bangs and center parting 150usd
  • Kitsune – long alpaca with center parting and “ears” 160usd
  • Short sleeked back hair style without a parting 90usd
  • Beard with ear hooks for bald look 120usd
  • Razor cut short white hair 140usd
  • Beard wigs with short styled hair 150usd


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  • Short sleek hair with side parting 120usd
  • African short cropped curly hair 120usd
  • African cornrows with vitiligo 120usd
  • Afro 130usd
  • African knots with vitiligo 150usd
  • Afro updo with needle felting 150usd
  • Razor cut bed hair 150usd
  • Long free hair with parting 150usd
  • Long hair with simple braiding 160usd
  • African corkscrew locks, short 160usd.
  • Updo wig without a parting 160usd
  • 50’s Glamour curls 200usd
  • Multi strand braid wigs 200usd
  • Elaborate multi strand braid partial updos 300usd
  • Hair sculpture with hand carved antlers 650usd

Exchangeable Hands

Each Inamorata doll comes with a set of 8 hands.  Three of the pairs are elegantly expressive hands for holding objects, editorial posing and even dancing. One pair is dressing hands that help you slip into the tightest sleeves without a fuss. The Inamorata hands system is easy to change and the different sculpts with ball joints centered or pointing up/down will add variety of poses to your doll’s repertoire.

The hands are easily exchanged by hooks that latch on to the elastic cord inside the arms. The important thing is just to keep the old hand attached until you hook in the new one so that the elastic cord won’t escape inside the arm. Also, ease the hands to their place slowly as the snap back might damage the resin.

Here is how you change the Inamorata hands (see a video):