These OOAK Inamorata dolls are available now and ready to ship. The prices for nude dolls without wigs start at 1100usd. Inamorata OOAK art dolls feature 21 points of articulation and are made with high quality, slightly translucent resin. Each doll comes with 8 hands: 2 dressing paddles, and 6 expressive hands sculpted in different poses.

Please use the ORDER FORM 2 to order (if you need a layaway) or the *Buy It Now on Etsy* links next to the items.

You can also commission dolls based on your concept and preferences.


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Doll:  Midas
Head sculpt: Charo
Resin Colour: Charcoal
Body type:  Andro
Face up: Highly editorial makeup with golden tears, red lips, gold eyebrows, red sequins applies over her eyeshadow and as bindi. Her eyes are greenish grey.
Price: 1100usd (nude)
Fashion: Red lizard skin corset and posture collar 480usd, golden sequin helmet 130usd, black and white beaded corset with choker necklace and lace panties 680usd, Phelsuma sequin dress (see below) 980usd and shoes 120usd.


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Doll:  Phelsuma
Head sculpt: Nnaji
Resin Colour: Charcoal
Body type:  Andro
Face up: Highly editorial makeup has a pearlescent green scale pattern running from her brow to the back of her head, red and gold lips, rust coloured eyes and wild eyeshadow covering her brow with multi coloured leaf gold. The look is finished with green sequins as bindi and below her eyes.
Price: 1100usd (nude) or 2100usd as a set (doll, dress, shoes)
Fashion: Happy Halloween! May all you creepies and crawlies wear couture! This creepy haute couture lizard dress is made from translucent netting  and hand stitched with thick scaly clusters of red and green sequins and beads to accentuate feminine form. It fits both Andro and Busty Inamorata bodies.  The netting boots with Classic Stiletto heels have a line of red sequins running down the back seam. Dress 980usd, shoes 120usd.


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Doll:  Eddie aka Danish Girl (please watch through the slideshow to witness her transformation to a confident woman.)
Head sculpt: Charo sculpt with resculpted lips
Resin Colour: Caramel
Body type:  Photographed in Andro, but Caramel Andro body is sold out at the moment. Busty body type is available. Caramel and Latteskin are very close so I can blush Andro body in Latte resin to match the head.
Face up: Likeness of Eddie Redmayne, no makeup
Price: 1200usd (without a wig)
Wigs: Short with messy bangs 110usd, 30’s bob with curls 160usd.
Fashion: Collection of mix and match pieces, inquire individually.


Matieres Fecales

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Doll: Matieres Fecales (AVAILABLE)
Head sculpt: Nnaji
Resin Colour: Milk
Body type:  Andro
Face up:  Avant garde look with pink eye shadow, greyish lips with black motive, green alien eyes and butterfly tattoo on the forehead. Inspired by Matieres Fecales.
Price: 1100usd
Wigs: The white feathers can be detached. Included.
Fashion: Monark Lingerie available in the store.



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Doll: Maya aka Harajuku Halloween
Head sculpt: Midori
Resin Colour: Milk
Body type: Inamorata 2.0 Andro
Face up: She “wears blackout lenses” rendering he eyes demonically black against her pale skin. Her scary makeup plays with eyeliner, inspired by my Tokyo friend’s black metal band stage makeup. Her lips are deep inky blue with a hint of pink visible between slightly the parted lips.
Price: 1100usd (nude) or 2000usd (as a set)   *Buy It Now on Etsy*
Wig: The hard cap wig is made with pastel turquoise saran and decorated by a headband with ram horns.
Fashion: This doll was inspired by my stay in Tokyo and the vibrant goth punk culture of Harajuku. Her outfit is a nod towards the upscale recycle fashion boutique Dog, that restyles old clothes by painting, cutting, and embellishing them to a new life. The garments are revamped prototypes of my earlier designs, the boots from an action figure and purse from Fashion Royalty. Boots and purse are crusted with spikes, painted with emo goth slogans such as “not interested”, “don’t care”, “die die die” and “kill kill kill”, as well as Japanese and punk symbols. One pair of her 6 hands is accessorized by painted on gloves.