How to order

You can order Inamorata dolls as blank dolls or commission a bespoken OOAK doll.

Please contact Emilia by email: emiliacouture(at)



There is a 50% non-refundable deposit (of the estimated budget) by Paypal to get to the waiting list. The remainder of the commission fee and shipping is paid after the project is done and you have seen the photos of your complete doll. You need to pay the deposit to get on the waiting list.



The waiting time for a commission spot to open varies and we can discuss the details by email. You will be contacted when an appointment slot opens and asked if it’s a convenient timing for you. If you choose to pass your spot once, I’ll take the next in line and you can get the following spot. If you pass two times, you go to the end of the waiting list. The list is usually about 6 months.



BODY: Inamorata 2.0 (1100usd for a nude OOAK, 800usd for a blank doll)

SKINTONES: Milk, Latte, Caramel, Chocolate and Coffee

HEAD SCULPTS: Charo, Nnaji 2.0, and new sculpts Midori, Nubia and Valerie.




Please answer the questions below and keep all the correspondence under one email thread.

  • Your name and contact info: both full address and phone number
  • Explain the concept you are after in few words
  • Budget (see some example price listings below)
  • When commissioning an Inamorata doll, please select from the available skin tones, head sculpts and chest plates (found above). You can also request for others options, but will have to wait longer, I won’t order more dolls before the old patch is almost sold out (storage issues).
  • For a fashion commission you may send 1-5 inspiration photos, but note that I don’t do copies.
  • Do you want you doll bald, with a wig or flock hair? Bald is best with hard cap wigs, but flock hair makes traditional wigs stay on better. What colour and material?

For make up you may attach up to 5 inspiration photos of the make up colour palette you like. Also, please answer the following questions:

  • Eyes glancing straight or sideways?
  • Eye colour?
  • Style of make up: natural or stronger editorial/runway style?
  • Lip colour: Matte or gloss? Solid colour, ombre effect or texture?
  • Eyebrows: colour and shape? *Note that this affects the dolls mood.
  • What sort to expression or mood you want: gentle, sultry, fierce, sad, amused,…
  • Nail colour: Matching the lips, French manicure or something different?
  • Body blushing: Cold or warm tone? Brown or pink nipples? Hyper realistic blushing with body hair, tattoos, freckles, veins or scars.
  • Lashes: do you want real lashes to the upper lid or also the lower one? What colour? How long? Even length or shorter in inner corner of the eyes?



  • Nude OOAK Inamorata 2.0 is 800usd for a blank doll or 1100usd for a nude OOAK. The latter includes face up, ear piercing, basic body blushing, manicure and pedicure, and optional flock hair.
  • Hyper realistic body blushing is 100usd including a UV seal.
  • Small tattoo is 50usd with body blushing (Includes UV seal). Larger or full body tattoos need to be priced case by case depending on size and detail. One arm irezumi sleeve is 100usd. A full body tattoo is 500usd. Same prices apply for leaf “gold” gilding.
  • Resculpting, either by carving, or by epoxy putty  additions is 100usd per modified area based on complexity of the mod. If the job requires silicone mold making and casting resin parts the starting price is 300usd.
  • OOAK mohair hard cap wigs start at 90usd for simple ones. I also make beard wigs.
  • If you want to send your other dolls for a face up and body blushing, a separate make up commission fee for dolls with painted eyes is 300usd (Includes UV seal) including basic body blushing. For insertable eyes the fee is discounted to 250usd.
  • Look-a-like dolls repaint fee 400usd (and the sculpt used has to be suitable for the project). That means 100usd extra for Inamorata dolls in stock.
  • The fee for painting and assembly of a 3D printed Oleum (aka Eve the Cat) BJD pet raw kits is 300usd for 5-7cm size. Larger cats like Helga REinhard ones are 400usd and extra heads cost 100usd each. My specialty is cats with unique patterns. See references here. If you want to commission a pet just email me with pictures of the look you want. For a perfect miniature of your fur baby send pics of his/her: face, sides, back, tummy, paws and tail. You need to order the 3D printed pet yourself, but you can have them ship directly to my address.
  • Fashions are generally start at 600usd and depend on the labour and materials involved.
  • Shoes start at 100usd with existing heel sculpts. Starting price is 300usd if you wish for Emilia to hand sculpt a new heel prototype for your project. Note that this new heel type will become part of the regular selection, but your complete shoes will be maintained as OOAK.




Please do not ask me to paint a doll to replicate an earlier creation, a look designed by someone else, or send photos of a runway fashions for me to copy. As a designer I take copyrights and my promise of OOAK very seriously. Rather, send a background story of your doll, or describe her with words and colour concepts. It’s up to you if the commission is a collaboration project with constant updates, or if you want to prefer to give me full artistic freedom with a great unveiling.