How to order

You can order Inamorata dolls as blank dolls or commission a bespoken OOAK doll.

To order an Inamorata doll, please fill in the ORDER FORM after reading the article below. You can also email me directly via with any inquiries.


There is a 50% non-refundable deposit (of the estimated budget) by Paypal to get to the waiting list. The remainder of the commission fee and shipping is paid after the project is done and you have seen the photos of your complete doll. You need to pay the deposit to get on the waiting list.


The waiting time for a commission spot to open varies and we can discuss the details by email. You will be contacted when an appointment slot opens and asked if it’s a convenient timing for you. If you choose to pass your spot once, I’ll take the next in line and you can get the following spot. If you pass two times, you’ll go to the end of the waiting list. The list is usually about 6 months for dressed dolls, but if your commission is a nude OOAK I may be able to bumb your order up the list in case of postponed commission spots. Dressed dolls usually take about a month to create where as nude OOAKs can be finished in a week or so.


Please do not ask me to paint a doll to replicate an earlier creation or a look designed by someone else. Rather, send me a background story of your doll, describe her with words and colour concepts. It’s up to you if the commission is a collaboration project with constant updates, or if you want to prefer to give me full artistic freedom with a great unveiling.

DOLLS AVAILABLE NOW (see full article)

*Note that stands are no longer included in the Inamorata package.



  • Hyper realistic body blushing with veins, freckles, scars, etc is 100usd.
  • Small tattoo is 50usd with body blushing. Small text tattoos are also possible, but this is about as small as it gets while remaining readable. Larger or full body tattoos need to be priced depending on size and detail. One arm irezumi sleeve starts at 100usd. A full body tattoo is 500usd. Same prices apply for leaf “gold” accents.
  • If you want to send a doll for a face up and body blushing, a separate make up commission fee for dolls with painted eyes is 300usd (Includes UV seal) including basic body blushing. Look-a-like dolls repaint fee 400usd (and the sculpt used has to be suitable for the project). That means 100usd extra for look-a-likes made of Inamorata dolls in stock.



Do you want you doll bald, with a wig or flock hair? Bald is best with hard cap wigs, but flock hair makes traditional wigs stay on better. What colour and material? I mainly make hard caps wigsusing alpaca and mohair. Hard cap wigs start at 90usd and I can also make wigs for other dolls if I have a model for the fitting in my collection. Find out more about wigs here.



Design and tailoring fees for garments depend on the labour and materials involved. Eg. gowns start at 600usd and lingerie sets such as underwire bra and panties are around 300usd. Corsets, suits and other more labour intensive projects should be negotiated individually. Easiest way to to set a budget and theme as boundaries.



  • Shoes start at 100usd with existing heel sculpts. There are 5 existing heels sculpts and you can read more about them in this article.
  • Starting price is 300usd if you want a completely new heel prototypes hand sculpted for your project. Note that this new heel type might become part of the regular selection, but your complete shoes will be guaranteed to maintain as OOAK.
  • Same pricing applies for hand sculpted accessories such as weapons.
  • I also make shoes for other dolls if I have the doll at hand for fitting. Inamorata can share shoes with many 16″ resin dolls, but for example Popovy has much larger feet so I have made different sculpts for the Popovy Ballet feet such as Tengu Geta.


I also accept commissions for painting and assembly of a 3D printed pet raw kits. My specialty is cats with intricate patterns. You may read more about the process of painting the pets and see references of past commissions in the article linked here.

If you want to commission a pet email me inspiration pictures of the look you want. For a perfect miniature of your fur baby send pics of their face, sides, back, tummy, paws and tail. When you order the 3D printed pet from the brand of your choosing, you can have the kit ship directly to my address to save in shipping costs.

  • Basic paint and assembly start at 300usd (6cm size) or 400usd (15cm size)
  • Fur texturing is 100usd more for small size (6cm) or 200usd for large ones (15cm size)
  • Helga Reinhart cats can be ordered with two heads with different expressions. Painting and extra head is 100usd more.
  • Adding whiskers is 50usd more per head regardless of the size. The technique works better for larger pets. 5cm Eve the Cat has too small face for the drilled holes.