Makara – OOAK Inamorata Nnaji

Makara - Nnaji Inamorata 2.0 OOAK Busty Milk art doll bjd haute couture emiliacouture em'lia

*They started their primordial existence as microscopic lifeforms placed on separate parts of the Earth’s Oceans by a dying race of ancients with the hopes of reviving a once great species. Over ions of existence the unpredictable conditions of this planet slowly morphed them into strange and unrecognizable versions of themselves.”

“She grew to embrace the warmth of the sun, despite it’s harsh conditions and unforgiving intensity. Through the millennia, her skin flooded with rich dark melanin and she eventually abandoned the ocean as her home. However, life on land has it’s own dangers with many predators of all sizes. With that, her hunting techniques became much more aggressive and her food sources more abundant. Through the years, many forms of life on Earth came and gone. Eventually, the rise of bipedal creatures emerged with and strange concepts such as “societies” and “governments” and “currency” arose. Humans have, for one reason or another, evolved to to look and behave strikingly similar to her and she hides among them, despite the fact that she is not human at all. One of these cultures called her Makara and she took the name as her own. In the current age she does not hunt or fight for food or survival. Humans have built mega metropolis’ which provide a luxury of easy living, away from the constant hunting and fear of outside predators. Makara has all but forgotten her ancient aquatic past, as she has evolved to live on land among humans and speak their many languages. She thrives within the crowded streets filled with light even in the dark of night. One night, she mind stirs with strange telepathic messages in an ancient tongue…”

Makara is a OOAK Nnaji in Coffee skintone and Busty chest option. Her body blushing is aubergine and deep green, and her body covered in gruesome scars. Her lips and nails are a deep burgundy and her alien gharial eyes vivid shades of green. She wears spiky heels painted to match her skintone.

More photos at Flickr.

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