Inamorata Doll

Inamorata dolls can be bought blank, as ready made One-Of-A-Kinds from the SHOP or as commissioned OOAKs. There are now five head sculpts and six resin colour to choose from, as well as two bust sizes. Each doll comes with 21 points of articulation, 8 hands, and features a new feet sculpt with separated toes.

NEWS: The prototype for the next generation Inamorata 3.0 is finished!



  • Milk – Pearly white with a rosy hue. This resin is more translucent than the darker skin tones.
  • Latte – Golden dusty beige (Blank dolls SOLD OUT)
  • Caramel – Dusty amber (muted version of the old Peach skin tone)
  • Chocolate – Light milk chocolate brown
  • Coffee – Warm deep dark chocolate brown.
  • Until 2017 Coffee tone was Charcoal  black, but the colour got renewed. There is one more Charcoal body in stock and then the colour will be retired.



Charo (2014)


Nnaji 2.0 (2015)


Valerie (2017)


Midori (2017)


Nubia (2017)


You can also commission a OOAK head sculpted just for your doll. In the past there have been lookalike dolls such as Marlene Dietrich. This costs 300usd.

Here is a line up of the new prototype heads of Inamorata 3.0 (preorders to be announced):



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  • Busty (larger cup size chest plate)
  • Andro (smaller cup size chest plate)


Each Inamorata doll comes with a set of 8 hands: three pairs of elegantly expressive hands and a pair of dressing hands that help your doll slip into the tightest sleeves without a fuss. The Inamorata hands system is easy to change and the different sculpts with ball joints centered or pointing up/down allow more extreme poses.


Inamorata dolls are 16″ Haute Couture BJDs made of durable, high quality polyurethane resin with subtle translucence that lends it the look of real human skin. The Inamorata prototypes are hand sculpted from wax by the artist, Emilia Nieminen, who cherishes the traditional skill of hand made items over computerisation. The new Inamorata 2.0 body features optional chest plates: Andro and Busty (close to the Inamorata 1.0 bust size), better poseability, bit more height and intricate new details.

The dolls have 21 points of articulation including double jointed knees and elbows (hidden pop up joint), as well unusual type of hip joint that makes the buttocks move as part of the legs and realistically change shape. The joints have been carefully designed with lingerie in mind so that the skimpiest bra and panties can cover the main torso joint seamlessly and there are no ugly slits in the thigh joints. The torso joint can be locked in extreme range of movement range to hold a pose.


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