Inamorata Doll


So far, there are 5 different resin colour and head sculpt options to choose from as you customize your unique bespoken art doll. Original sculpts, Miao and Nnaji, released on 2012 have been retired/resculpted, and the current head sculpts include:


The five current skin tones are:

  • Milk – Pearly white with a rosy hue. This resin is more translucent than the darker skintones.
  • Latte – Golden dusty beige
  • Caramel – Dusty amber (muted version of the old Peach skintone)
  • Chocolate – Light milk chocolate brown
  • Coffee – There are two variations of this skintone. The pre 2017 tone was charcoal  black, but the colour got renewed into a warmer deep dark chocolate brown on Summer 2017.

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Each Inamorata doll comes with a set of 8 hands: three pairs of elegantly expressive hands and a pair of dressing hands that help your doll slip into the tightest sleeves without a fuss. The Inamorata hands system is easy to change and the different sculpts with ball joints centered or pointing up/down allow more extreme poses.

Inamorata body

Inamorata dolls are 16″ Haute Couture BJDs made of durable, high quality polyurethane resin with subtle translucence that lends it the look of real human skin. The Inamorata prototypes are hand sculpted by the artist, Emilia Nieminen, who cherishes the traditional skill of hand made items over computerisation. The new Inamorata 2.0 body features optional chest plates: Andro and Busty (close to the Inamorata 1.0 bust size), better poseability, bit more height and intricate new details.


The dolls have 21 points of articulation including double jointed knees and elbows (hidden pop up joint), as well unusual type of hip joint that makes the buttocks move as part of the legs and realistically change shape. The joints have been carefully designed with lingerie in mind so that the skimpiest bra and panties can cover the main torso joint seamlessly.


One of Emilia’s main motivations in creating her own doll was to get rid of the slitted ball joint most BJDss have on their thighs. Instead of a slitted ball or double ball to connect the hips and thighs, Inamorata feature a hidden mobility joint, to allow the dolls to cross their legs and curl up in fetal position. More importantly the buttocks are sculpted as a part of the legs without ungainly seams interrupting the beauty of this area that is clearly visible in lingerie. The parts are also sculpted so that the derriere realistically moves when posing and changes shape when sitting down.


The Inamorata body was inspired by the physique of a modern dancer. It’s a healthy toned body with lean muscle definition, yet feminine. She flaunts long legs of a catwalk model, but is remains natural and beautifully proportioned. The body has a lot of carefully sculpted details such as elegant collar bones, ankle bones, tiny wrinkles on her palms and soles of her feet. Emilia specifically chose not to sculpt protruding ribs or spine to promote a healthy image over anorexia that is the industry standard. Inamorata are known for their abs, lean muscular back and their booty.

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